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  1. Hello all, In my analysis an imposed displacement is applied to a part (kind of compression load on helical spring). I want to plot a curve that will show me the maximum stress over the time/displacement. Problem is the max stress occurs at different position over the time/displacement, so how do i plot that in Hypergraph. Could someone help me please. Tqvm
  2. Hello all, I have a list of coordinate point of coil spring model in excel. Is there a possibility to import this point coordinate information to Hypermesh so that nodes as well as lines can be generated ? Using tcl command maybe? or notepad files? Thank you very much in advance.
  3. Hi all. I need help on tcl hypermesh scripting. What command do you use to set a distance between 2 nodes. Manually i would press F4, select two nodes as if i'm measuring the distance and then just type in new distance value to my preferred distance. When i look into the command file, the command is *nodemodify, but the problem of this command is that it use the coordinate of the nodes rather than a specified distance value. Thank u very much in advance.
  4. Hello, I have several analysis and am thinking of running them automatically one after another overnight. In the RADIOSS user guide there is one topic that discuss this option, but unfortunately the given example is for linux. As i'm not so good with LINUX and WINDOWS customization, i hope some of you could help me to set the script for WINDOWS 7. The step for LINUX is as follows: "How to chain several runs one after each other, automatically? Previous pageNext page Print this Topic You can chain several runs one after each other by creating a script file with all the commands to execute; when executing the script, these commands will execute one after each other. In case of a UNIX or LINUX system, write on the first line of a file: #! /bin/csh This means that this script will be read by the csh interpreter. Then write the commands for running the computations. Below is an example of a so-called “my_script” script file. #!/bin/csh setenv RADFLEX_PATH $ALTAIR_HOME/hwsolvers/bin/linux32/ cd case1 s10_p4linux9 -i CASE1_0000.rad e10_p4linux9 -i CASE1_0001.rad e10_p4linux9 -i CASE1_0002.rad cd case2 s10_p4linux9 -i CASE2_0000.rad e10_p4linux9 -i CASE2_0001.rad Then give the right for executing this file as follows: chmod +x my_script Finally, you can execute the script file with the command: ./my_script" Thank you very much in advance.
  5. Hi, i'm a newbie in Hyperworks. Currently i'm doing my simulation with the pre-processing in Hypermesh. I always exported it to Hypercrash using Radioss Bulk 100 format and define all contacts, material and element properties, bc's etc in Hypercrash. After that i"ll run the analysis in Radioss. My problem is whenever i need to remesh my model, i always need to redefine the same things again in Hypercrash. Is there a way that i can just automate the processes in hypercrash? Tqvm.
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