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  1. It is solved. My videocard driver needed an update...
  2. Thanks for the possible solutions, but unfortunately they don't help... Do you know something else? Maybe for your info, I have windows 7 installed. Previously with windows XP, Hyperworks 11.0 worked fine on same pc.
  3. Hello, When I want to select something inside the hypermesh window, for instance a component or even a single element, hypermesh starts to select the geometry line after line or the mesh element after element, adding them all to gether. Everything else is going fast like rotating, zooming, cycle trough views and menu's. Only this selecting procedure by clicking inside the hypermesh (blue) window is going slow. If I select the parts/elements by "displayed", "all", 'attached" etc it also goes as fast as normal. What is the reason of this slow selecting and how can I fix it? Thank you in advance!
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