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  1. Hello, any useful tips, please.
  2. Hello, i was trying to get the wright parameter combination of the virtual wind tunnel simulation so that i get the exact theoretical drag coefficient of simple shapes. So i used a sphere with a unit radius r=1 but unfortunately i get a completely wrong value in the end report generated by VWT. So how i get the wright parameters to get plausible results. By the way a theoretical drag coefficient of sphere should be equal to 0.47 in the attachements: generated report +screenshots of simulation settings. I would be so glad if you could help me. thanks in advance Regards m:slm vwtAnalysis.pdf
  3. Hello, i ve recently intalled virtual wind tunnel 12.1 but i can't find the model for the listed tutorial. The model is a nastran one and i think its name is roadster.nas. Where can i find the model? Think you in advance Yours s:slm
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