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  1. I downloaded your tensile test files and started the TENSI36_0000.rad file with Radioss but I didn't get a h3d file out for hyperview. So what did I wrong?
  2. Hi, I have a question concerning the material definition in Hypermesh using the Radioss solver. Is it somehow possible to define the material with the aid of experimental material data (from a tensile test)? I want to simulate an elasto-plastic modell but I don't know how to input the real stress-strain values. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks for your answer. This diagram is exactly what I'm looking for but how can I create this in Hyperview/Hypergraph? I cannot find any option for the engineering stress and strain.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a possibility to evaluate tensile test results. That means I have done a tensile test analysis in hyperworks (imposed velocity...) and the same test also on a test bench in reality. So I have the real results (force/displacement diagram, stress/strain diagram) and want to compare the simulation with these results. But I couldn't find a way to do this comparison. Do you have any idea how to handle the simulation results? Maybe create a stress strain or force displacement result in hyper view/hypergraph? Thank you very much for your help!
  5. Thank you for your answer. Isn't Free Size Oomization only for composites? My material is card Mat1 and not a composite. And I think with this type of optimization I will change the outer shape of the component and that's what I don't want to have. Or am I wrong?
  6. Hi, I already worked a lot with hyperworks but right now I'm looking for a possibility to optimize the material within a given volume. That means I have a component made out of undirected long fibers (material is idealized isotropic) with a fixed volume and want to know where do I need which fiber volume fraction. With lower fiber volume fraction, the density of the material gets lower (and the mass of course too) but the mechanical properties getting lower as well. And that's the optimization I want to have... high fiber volume fraction only where it is necessary to minimize the weight. I don't want to make a topology optimization because the shape and the volume is completely fixed. So do you have any idea how i can handle this problem? I'm not sure if it is possible to have a continuous density distribution within the component with an optimization but maybe I can define for example 10 times the same material but with different fiber volume fractions (= different density, young modulus, yield strength...) and the program tells me where which material should be. Thank you for your help!
  7. I have almost the same problem and I know that this model works on another computer. So it has to be a setting problem. But I have enough disk space and memory so this can't be the probelm. Has someone any ideas? *** ERROR # 157 *** Error opening the scratch file "./xxx.rs~" Fortran error code = 9 This may be caused by not having the access right to open the file, not enough memory left for the system routines, or some other system setup related reasons. This error was detected in subroutine opseqscr. *** ERROR # 158 *** Error encountered when accessing the scratch file. error from subroutine "xdslrs" Solver error no. = -702 This may be caused by insufficient disk space or some other system resource related limitations. This error was detected in subroutine bcsprefct. This error occurs in module "lstatdrv".
  8. Hi, I have one question. Is it somehow possible to optimize tubes not by inner and outer radius but by inner/outer radius and wall thickness? That means I want to have an optimization where the outer radius DIM1 variies for example between 10 and 15 mm and the wall thickness can vary between 0.5 and 2mm (in discrete values: 0.5mm steps). Objective is to minimize wcomp by a given mass. The only thin I can do so far is an optimization of the inner and outer radius (DIM1 and DIM2) at the same time between bounds (and discrete values) but then it is possible that the wall thickness is 5mm or more which is not manufacturable for me. Another possibility would be the variation of inner and outer radius with a restriction that DIM1-DIM2<=x and x=[0.5;1;1.5;2]. But I don't know how to implement this. Would be great if someone can help me. Thank you!
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