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  1. Hey guys, i'm working on a composite component and get the following massage after starting OptiStruct: NOTE # 9199 MSGLMT=BRIEF is active, following messages will be suppressed: 741 742 1935 1052 1305 1436 1437 1051 1931 1932 2010 Use MSGLMT=STRICT (e.g. in config file) to turn back full printing. *** WARNING # 1570 for material id = 1 referenced from property id = 1. Required strength parameters have not been provided or are zero for composite material with requested failure index calculation. Failure index will not be calculated. *** ERROR # 332 *** RBE3 element 112636 has singularities - check element data *** ERROR # 332 *** RBE3 element 112637 has singularities - check element data *** ERROR # 332 *** RBE3 element 112638 has singularities - check element data Number of bad RBE3 elements = 3 ************************************************************************ FINITE ELEMENT MODEL DATA INFORMATION : --------------------------------------- Total # of Grids (Structural) : 112960 Total # of Elements : 112629 Total # of Rigid Elements : 9 Total # of Rigid Element Constraints : 738 Total # of Local Coordinate Systems : 2 Total # of Degrees of Freedom : 662202 Total # of Non-zero Stiffness Terms : 18107343 Element Type Information ------------------------ CQUAD4 Elements : 111849 CTRIA3 Elements : 780 Load and Boundary Information ----------------------------- FORCE Sets : 1 SPC Sets : 1 Material and Property Information --------------------------------- PCOMP(G)(P) Cards : 1 MAT8 Cards : 1 ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************ ***** ERROR ENCOUNTERED BEFORE COMPLETING THE CHECK RUN ***** Current Memory (RAM) : 216 MB Estimated Minimum Memory (RAM) for the check run : 219 MB ************************************************************************ This error occurs in module "prpdrv". ************************************************************************ RESOURCE USAGE INFORMATION -------------------------- MAXIMUM MEMORY USED 216 MB MAXIMUM DISK SPACE USED 1 MB ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************ COMPUTE TIME INFORMATION ------------------------ EXECUTION STARTED Fri Mar 07 00:15:17 2014 EXECUTION COMPLETED Fri Mar 07 00:15:23 2014 ELAPSED TIME 00:00:05 CPU TIME 00:00:03 ************************************************************************ *** PROGRAM STOPPED: FATAL ERROR(s) ENCOUNTERED. ***** END OF REPORT ***** For Useful OptiStruct Tips and Tricks, go to the URL: http://www.altairhyperworks.com/tips.aspx ************************************************************************ There were 3 error messages during input processing. The first message is repeated below: *** ERROR # 332 *** RBE3 element 112636 has singularities - check element data ************************************************************************ ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ==== what does that mean and what have i got to do, that i can run the simulation successfuly. I'm very glad if you can help me!!!
  2. perfekt thanks to atakanerg and anton! now i tried it with a simple example. I did it like the tutorial skateboard. but if i create the plies and the laminate it looks like this: but what can i do to change it to the right way? OK i've got it (picture1). but now the next question: i don't know how to see the result (with colour's, displacement, stress,...) if i press the button "Contour", nothing happens?, what have I got to do, that I see the analysis? picture.pdf picture1.pdf
  3. Hi guys, I want to realize the pipe (you can see it in the data, picture1) as a composite part made out of CFRP. I want to do it like the exercise with the skateboard. it's an solid and already meshed. I checked the element normal. (2D -> composite -> element normals -> select elemtens -> all. (picture2) I think that looks good! But now, when I check the element orientation (under the submenu "material orientation") then I get a chaos. The directions goes into any direction . (picture 3) How do I get the orientations into the right direction? And what are the next steps to do? Due to be a newcomer, it would be fabulous if you can give me an instruction of what I have to do, step by step. (I think I have to get the directions like you can see it in picture4. And the direction for the next layer, i have to fix it tangential to the radius, picture 5) Thanks Altair Forum.pdf
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