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  1. i think you only get the grid file if you have solid elements. but the PCOMPP uses only shell elements i think. is there another way to get the optimization result to radioss block?
  2. Hi, i ran my last optimization for a composite structur (shuffling optimization) and selected "GRID" as a OUTPUT Control Card but i cant find the .grid file after the optimization. whats wrong? or how can i get this file?
  3. Hi, i ran a Composite Optimization and now i want to create a mould in catia for the geometry and i also want to create dafrtings for the composite plys in catia. anybody an idea how that works?
  4. ok i think i have to run the optimization again to get the grid file!? and this i the step to transfer the geometry from optistruct to radioss block, right? but how the do the puck-analysis? i couldn't find any literatur or tutorials on that topic. EDIT: I chose "GRID" as an output Control Card but didnt get a .grid file. is there any other way to get it?
  5. first of all. when you are working with composite materials in hypermesh you only need a surface and a 2D mesh. for the material orientation you go to 2D -> Composites -> material orientation -> select you elements (selected turn gray) -> material orientation mode -> by system axis -> klick system -> klick your global coordinate system (try it a few times until it turn white, thats a little bit tricky) -> select the axis -> klick project -> thats it! you can also create your own koordinate system and select it (geometry -> create -> system -> axis direction)
  6. no there is no response for material propertys. but you can run mutiple analysis, set the displacement as constrain and set the objective to min mass.
  7. run the freesize and then constrain the composite failure in the size optimization. that works. but you have to adjust the upper bound of the size variables.
  8. http://www.altairhyperworks.com/(S(3fu2zyrlbyi03xcofiue25jd))/hwhelp/Altair/hw11.0/help/hwtut/hwtut.htm?hypermesh_tutorials.htm
  9. RBE2 is a ideal stiff connection between the nodes. RBE3 splits to loads to the nodes attached. Have a look at the "Skateboard Hypermesh Tutorial" there they are using RBE2 elements.
  10. i had the same problem: i had a geometry and the loads where attached to a RBE2 Element. There was a failure in the DOF. I chanced that and the error disappeared. maybe that helps…… but i am not sure if this really caused the problem. good luck! ;-)
  11. Hi there, i ran an composite optimization in Optistruct and now i want to analyse if the Geometry fails in RADIOSS because the Failure Criterion (PUCK) isn't available in optistruct. Anybody knows how to do that?
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