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  1. I am creating MSC Nastran input deck using HyperMesh. I have the model where I want to apply multiple loads in steps. 

    Step-1 Bolt Preload

    Step-2 External Force on model holding the preload applied in Step1

    Step-3 No load at all but bolt preload

    If I create different loadsteps from Utility, it seems they are going under different subcases, and in such scenario the loads would not be dependent. Each subcase would be treated as different simulation, wouldn't it? So my question is how do I create sequential steps? The .dat file should look like below. 


    Sol 400




    NLSTEP = 1
     STEP 1
      SPC = 1 
      LOAD = 1
     STEP 2
      SPC = 2
      Load = 2
     STEP 3
      SPC = 2







  2. Hi Rahul, I am using HyperMesh and Optristruct. My problem is 2D. I want to apply enforced displacement. As per your suggestion, I have created two load collectors. SPC for constraining DoF (in my case x or 1 and y or 2 unmarked) for all nodes. Another load collector SPC with load type SPCD and respective displacements. Now in my loadstep how do I use these two load collectors? As per the menu in HyperMesh, I can only choose one SPC, where do I put another load collector (SPCD)? Please correct me if I am wrong somewhere. 

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