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  1. Dear Atakan Thanks for your reply. But i want to know about: Making a geometric model of particulate composite having different shaped particles of one material reinforced into other material. ( A cuboid of one material having different shaped particle of the other material) Secondly how diffenet properties can be assigned to these two materials Third how the contact between the two materials can be treated differently ( Like perfect bonding or debonding etc) I will be thankful if some could help me out. Raghav
  2. Hi I want to do analysis of particulate composite in Hyperworks. I have to create a geometric model of the composite than i will have to do the nonlinear analyis. But i am not getting that how we can do this type of analysis. A lot of material is there for laminated composiute analysis, but not about particulate composites. Can anyone suggest me that how a 3D model of a particulate composite materila can be created and how we can do the analysis for the same.
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