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  1. I got an answer from support center. In "Hyper Works 12.0", when we use the output block for "elements", we can't edit "[Var]" because it is not displayed. It's an error of HyperMesh application, and it will be fixed in the Next 13.0 Edition. I'll share how to edit [Var]. 1. Click [NUM_VARIABLES], and chose [2]. [Var] will be displayed. 2. Input "DEF" in [Var] field. 3. Click [NUM_VARIABLES] field again, chose [1]. Now successfully edited. I could solve this simulation successfully!!
  2. >>Evangelos Kounis Thank you for your advice!! I tried so at once Yes, I'm using Block 120 format. ...But the application crashed. A message given,"abf_converter_win64.exe has stopped. Do you finish the program? ">"Yes"> Calculation stopped. In RADIOSS output file, the message "ERROR: failed checking license file" is written. I'll expect help for the support center in japan by E-mail If the solution will be found, I'll report here!! Anyway, Thank you very much!!
  3. Dear all I post for the first time. I'm Takky, Yokohama National University in Japan. Could you please tell me how to output the load force of side members and the barrier surface in contact analysis? I need its graph. I can't output the load force data of the barrier nor side member. I once used the output block on each RBODY of the barrier surface and side member, but no data was output. On HyperGraph, only "Global Valuables" is available, but no other data in "T01-file". In this analysis, the bumper model crash into the rigid offset barrier surface in front, in initial velocity of 50km/h(13.9mm/s). The analysis sample on this image, I wanted to output the each load force of right and left member, but couldn't. In another analysis, I made one rigid body from two members and tried as equal, but couldn't. So, it's not because there are two rigid bodies in rear of bumper, I think. I sent its HM data together. Any ideas?? bumperA_inivel_2.zip
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