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  1. In MV , when spring stiffness type is changed from K linear to Fk curve please observe the independent variable. By default independent variable is the distance magnitude of the spring length i.e. DM(,). To incorporate correct stiffness value by curve follow any one of the methods; 1) If Stiffness curve have values about zero mean position; Displacement(mm) Force (N) -10 -50 0 0 10 50 Change the independent variable to "Free length - DM(,)" so that the spring uses correct force values. 2)if stiffness curve have values about spring free length as mean position Displacement(mm) Force (N) Free length + 10 ->110 -50 Free length ->100 0 Free length - 10 -> 90 50 leave independent variable to be DM(,) so that the spring uses correct force values. Regards, Reddaiah T:d/
  2. Hi All, Here is a heads up for the users of MV11.0. Try generating flex body in OS10.0 & OS 11.0 via MV flexprep utility. Compare the inertia values of flexbody to observe a small differences in inertia values. Here is the reason for their differences; There is a difference in the way the inertial matrix is been calculated in 11.0 and 10.0. In 11.0, the inertial are the true integrated inertial of the FE model. In 10.0, the mass are allocated to grids first and then inertial are calculated based on the grid point mass. Therefore, these kind of small different is expected. You can take a small 6 tetra element cube and run a flexh3d analysis. You will see very different inertial between two versions. So, 11.0 will give you a better result. Enjoy and let me know your feedback.. Regards, Reddaiah
  3. Hi, In points panel, on left side you will find the option to get coordinates from "Node". Use this option to create point at any node of the graphics imported using file (h3d file). "Graphics" in Motion view (h3d) are nothing but the meshed geometries. So, you can pick node to use these nodal coordinates for point values. -Press left mouse button and move over the graphics area to pick node. -Node is picked by releasing the mouse button over node of interest. Once node is picked , panel is updated with node coordinate values. Click on use values tab to update point coordinate values. Regards, Reddaiah T
  4. Hi, Mesh one surface and project matching elements of one surface on to other surface to maintain elements parallel to each other between which rigid elements need to be created. Hope this helps.. Reddy
  5. Use "Index" in the online help for easy search of help on keywords. eg: Go to online help of Hyperworks Desktop reference guide. Type keyword - "*set" in search box at top of page. All are welcome to share their learning for mutual benefit Regards, Reddaiah
  6. Hi All, My name is Reddaiah.In this thread I would like to share tips for effective usage of online help for Motion view & Motion solve. Regards, Reddaiah
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