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  1. yes, but it's very annoying since I have to renumber the entities several times.... are u sure a "freeze" function doesn't exist in hypermesh?
  2. Is there a way to create a mesh to fill the gap if the gap is very significant? I mean, if the geometry is straight, i can create 2D mesh using "ruled" option, but what if I have to fill a gap that is not with a regular geometry (and I am not speaking about holes, I know that there is a macro for that). Tnx
  3. Your request is not clear. Do you want to create a MPC? or create a way to "collect" 4 different SPCs?
  4. Hi, is there a way to "freeze" some element number, i.e. to make impossible to renumber them? For example, I create a special node with id=100, then I want to renumber the whole mesh preserving that id without masking any element or node. thx to all responses
  5. Hi to all, is there a way to change the orientation of CBAR elements, when using Hypermesh with Nastran user profile? In other words, if I create several bar2 elements in a clockwise direction along a circle line, how can I "change" the bar to be in counterclockwise direction? Thanks
  6. This is not what i want. I need to create a contact table like the example I gave, but using Hypermesh
  7. My problem is that I proprably cannot find the proper way to insert che NSML1 card. How do u do it? I can't believe there's no guide on how to insert non-structural mass cards!
  8. Hi, i'm trying to put some NSM (non-structural mass) in my model. I'm using the Nastran interface of Hypermesh. I already set the value in the PCOMP property shell. What I have to do now? If i simply mesh my surface, NSM is not counted when I checky the total mass using the available utility. Why? Thanx, cheers Simone
  9. Hi to all, i'm trying to simulate a plate (PCOMP) in which the central layer is a honeycomb layer. But... is there a way to insert a 3d orthotropic material in hypermesh with NASTRAN interface? or this option is not available yet? Does anyone have some idea how i can proceed?
  10. Hi, i'm using hypermesh as pre-processor and performing some FEAs with Nastran. i'm looking for a way to create in my hypermesh model the new BCTABLE e BCCONECT that are used starting from nastran 2013.1. In other words, I need to put in Hypermesh something like this: $$------------------------------------------------------------------------------$BCBODY1,201,,3D,DEFORM,101BCPROP,101,4BCBODY1,202,,3D,DEFORM,102BCPROP,102,9BCBODY1,203,,3D,DEFORM,103BCPROP,103,90$.......$.......$.......$.......$.......$.......$.......$.......$.......$.......$.......BCTABL1 0 2001 2002BCONECT 2001 3001 203 201bconect 2002 3002 203 202bconprg 3001 IGLUE 3 ICOORD 1 ERROR 0.005 COPTS 61 COPTM 61bconprg 3002 IGLUE 3 ICOORD 1 ERROR 0.007 COPTS 61 COPTM 61BCTABL1 1 2001 2002BCPARA,0,NLGLUE,0$$------------------------------------------------------------------------------$since i'm a little bit tired of use the old-fashion-way to insert this on bdf file.
  11. Hi, i'm trying to mesh some CFRP ribs of an UAV wing (see figure). My last (and best) result is in the picture. Now i'm wondering how i can set hypermesh to use the principal reference system as reference for the ply orientation (i need some plys a 0° wrt to the x axis of my reference system and some other plys a 90°). In other words, i'm quite sure that with nastran u can specify that i need some fibers align with my x axis (of the global reference system) and some other fibers othogonal. I don't want to use the grid points reference system that nastran assumes by default (since the orientation of the elements is very random - but it's the best i can do given that geometry).
  12. ok, thanks to your help this code actually works: *createbutton(5,"Launch Nastran 2013.1",-5,0,10,RED,"Wanna launch Nastran?",EvalTcl,"LaunchNastran.tcl")in userpage.cmd and exec cmd.exe /c start /wait [file normalize \\MSC.Software\\MSC_Nastran\\20131\\bin\\nastranw.exe"];in LaunchNastran.tcl.... I was wondering if there was a way to write everything in a single file... i tried with *evaltclstring but it doesn't work (or i wrong wrote it! ) (yes, i updated Nastran to 2013.1 in the meanwhile ahahha)
  13. Hi, i'm trying to add a button to launch nastran directly from inside Hypermesh. This is what i wrote (that doesn't work): *createbutton(5,"Nastran 2013.0",10,5,5,RED,"Open Nastran 2013.0","LaunchNastran") *beginmacro(LaunchNastran) exec cmd.exe /c start /wait C:\MSC.Software\MSC_Nastran\20130\bin\nastranw.exe *endmacro() Any suggestion?
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