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  1. Hello there, I am working on composite. Usually when T-section, I-section , I create laminates with no sublaminates and interfaces. My question is,what 'll be the effect if you creates laminate using sublaminate interfaces and without sublam and interface
  2. Hi, Thank you for the reply. . I got confused with the below flag, but i got it clear now. Ipos Layer positioning flag for reference vector Default = 0 (Integer) = 0: layer positions are automatically calculated with regard to layer thicknesses. The coherence of global thickness with the sum of layer thicknesses is automatically checked. = 1: all layer positions in the element thickness are user defined. Multiple layers may have the same special position. Global thickness is not checked in this case, since it needs to not be equal to sum of layer thicknesses. thanks and regards, chandru
  3. hi Atakanerg, yes i did .buyt i'm nt getting
  4. hello Kounis, thank you for the swift reply. . Now i certainly got the bird eye view of block110 format I tried with prop10 as you told and i got it but when i click composite layer icon , plies are not getting displayed. And also when i was doing with prop;17/19, For eg. i need 4 plies (0,-45,45,90) for the ribs and spars having variable thickness whose sum is not equal to shell thickness. first i created 8 ply props(prop17).,2 stack props(prop19) and MAT25, if i'm not wrong. And i am certainly not getting "(incremental angle)" i.e (for eg) what 'll be the , for -45 ply orientation?. thanks and regards, chandru
  5. Hello everyone, I am 1 yr exp. fellow in hypermesh . now i have got the project on bird impact analysis of a aircraft which will be commencing next month . I am preparing myself for that .The point is i have done some practice on aircraft wing which 'll be on composite materials.when i do the comp. modelling in bulk data format it's coming but i dunno hw to do on block110 format . i followed certain things that are given in help menu but i couldn't make it . It would be good if i get a brief steps on how to carry out comp. modelling with block110 format which 'll help me a lot! thanks and regards, chandru
  6. hello there, I am started learning tcl for hypermesh and . It would be good if i get any books, tutorials for beginners . I need a suggestion from you people. regards, chandru
  7. hi there, on doing composite modelling in hypermesh for rodioss solver(block 110), i am not getting the ply layers with different colors but the assigned thickness is coming . And also when i switch the block110 format to bulk data format , i am getting the plies. why is that? regards, chandru
  8. Hello there , I am started learning composite modelling in hypermesh for radoiss solver(bulk data). I started with T-section. Everything has been checked(element normals, mat orientation) before i created plies and i created stacking sequence using sublaminate and interface. The problem i am facing is i couldn't get the proper T-connection at the center of the T-sec which u can see in the 1st snap and the ideal T-sec should be like the one in the 2nd snap. I really have no idea of what went wrong. I need a suggestion!. regards, chandru
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