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  1. The integrator performs the following steps to converge to a solution: Based on previous converged steps, it tries to predict the next converged solution by regression analysis of a certain order polynomial. If the "predicted" solution is not within the specified error tolerance it uses the Newton-Rahpson method to find a numerical solution within the integration tolerance. If the Newton Rahpson method cannot find a converged solution within a specified number of iterations, then the solver will try to predict the solution using a smaller time step and/or a different order for the polynomial. The above process is repeated until the time step size is continuously below the minimum time step size. Hence, the only way to set a constant step size is to reduce maximum step size until all the time steps become constant and this is dependent on the problem at hand. Also note, the maximum solver time step is different than the output time step. "Print Interval" controls the output time step and "h_max" controls the maximum solver time step.
  2. The functions are explained in the MotionSolve .xml reference guide. help->HyperWorks Help Home->Reference Guides->MotionSolve->Functions Have a great day Jody
  3. Mizquierdo, It means the wheel center marker is constrained in a way that it is not allowed to move in a certain direction. MotionSolve K&C analysis is trying to calculate the various parameters and it needs to determine the force required to move the wheel center in a specified direction. In your case it appears the wheel center marker cannot move in the y-direction. You can search the MotionSolve input .xml file to find which wheel marker #20703020 is attached to. Have a great day
  4. In the 12.0 "run" panel, please select "Linear" for the "Sim Type". In addition, you will need to add the following .xml command template: <H3DOutput linear_animation = "True" /> This command will create an animation for all the modes in the .h3d file. For more information about creating .xml templates, please see the tutorial MV-1051. For more information regarding .xml commands, model statements, functions, and user written subroutines please review the .xml reference guide: help->HyperWorks Home Help->Reference Guides-> MotionSolve MotionSolve uses a .xml formatted input file that is generated by MotionView. Hope this helps
  5. If I understand you correctly, you are trying to import a HyperMesh model into MotionView. Is that correct? MotionView uses HyperMesh modules to import any CAD data, so the message you are seeing is probably from HyperMesh. Can you open the model in HyperMesh 11.0?
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