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  1. This is what I wanted! Just a little arithmetic based on the x,y,z starting node and I'm good to go. Thank you both!
  2. Thanks for all the feedback. I've discovered quite a few ways of revealing nodes again once they're turned off. The simplest way is just to go to Geom>Temp Nodes and then highlight any nodes you want to turn on, then press on. The opposite is also true if you want to turn them off. Mario - I haven't tried your way yet but one annoyance is that temp nodes cannot be turned off simply by turning off layers. This is why I sometimes use points to create references.
  3. This looks like the functionality I was hoping for, but I cannot figure out how to implement the equation. I've looked at the Analysis>equations panel and read a through the appropriate sections in the Hypermesh User/Reference guides but I'm not understanding. Since this is only the equation, and not the load application panel, how is it that there are dependent & and independent nodes? Also, is the weighting factor for each dof able to be sinusoidal or is it only able to vary linearly?
  4. Within HyperMesh, is there a way to create a formula that will then apply a specific load to each node or element along a linear path? I have been working with the Dyna solver and the only functionality it has is to apply an evenly distributed load to a set of elements. As an alternative method, I understand (although it seems very complicated) that I could extract the nodes of my element, figure out the distance between each one and then figure out how much of my unevenly distributed load to apply to each one. This alone seems like an egregious amount of work depending on the number of nodes there are. If anyone has some tips or has done this before, help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Unfortunately, I failed to mention that I am working under the LS Dyna profile. That solution sounds otherwise perfect. To do this in Dyna, I thought maybe if I had two unequivalenced nodes at the same point, I could somehow constrain all but the z-rotational degree of freedom within the local coordinate system of my "un-fixed" beam. Many of the *Constrained_... cards in Dyna seem promising but I'm having trouble implementing them so a phone call to support may be in order.
  6. I have a model which contains a linkage similar to a one sided universal joint. One half of the linkage is fixed while the other is coupled in all but one rotational degree of freedom. I am attempting to construct this particular part of the model using only beam elements but I am unfamiliar with the process of setting up the contstraints/geometry such that one DOF is not shared at the node of intersection. Can someone please run me through the steps? Thanks!
  7. Thanks, I generated a model using only elements and nodes, therefore I don't have physical geometry to work with (maybe a lesson learned). However, if I want to place a force on a node, the only reasonable way to do this is to turn on element handles...it would be much easier to see the node outright. I am sending this in as a tech support question since I have another question for them as well. If I find any more info I'll post it.
  8. As the subject line suggests, I am having trouble with maintaing the visibility of nodes. During the model creation process, I am able to see all the nodes I have created. They appear as the traditional yellow sphere representing an infinitesimal point. However, upon saving the model and reopening it, all the nodes have disappeared. They still exist in my model as I am able to select their location or even highlight them depending on the command. Is there a way to turn the visibility of nodes on/off? I have been unable to find such a function thus far. Thank you.
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