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  1. Hi, First, thanks for your help. I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. Is it possible to get a tetra mesh from a surface with T-junction with use of the "ruled" option??? I created the same cuboid with this option instead of "planes" and got the same result as before: There are free edges in the top surface (see picture above). So I'm not able to perform the tetra mesh (volume is not enclosed). Did i forget any step? Is there another possibility to get a volumetric mesh with a T-Junction in one of the 2D-meshs (The other 2D mehs and the volume mesh could be arbitrary "ugly"). I need this as one of the first steps for a proejct at university. Unfortunately there is no HM-expert in the institut. It would be great, if you, or someone else, could help me again.
  2. Hi! I'm a HM beginner and I have a problem with my model. My aim is to build and to mesh a simple cuboid. Its top surf should consists of 3 quad-elements (with T-junction). The other 5 surfaces should just be single quad-elements in the initial configuration. The meshing of the cuboid shoud be done withTetras (the top surface with the T-junction have remain the same over volume mesh). First, I created the 4 corner points of the cuboid. Then I created the 6 surfaces via (2D->plane) and meshed them with one element per surface. To archieve the T-junction in the surface on the top of the cuboid i splitted the surface and merged 2 of the 4 elements. Unfortunately after getting the equivalence nodes, there are still free edges on this surface (c.f picture). I tried to avoid this by creating additional nodes. But i still have the same problem. It would be great, if somebody can help me. Is there another (maybe better) possibility to create and mesh such a cuboid? Thanks for your help, and sorry for my newbie-questions!
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