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  1. I'm getting error If i execute the following commands : /soft/usr/acusim/HyperWorks/V12.0.310/altair/acusolve/linux64/plugins/bin/acuVwt.sh /soft/scratch/Abhi/BusM1-1/ Bus-M-1 sub -np 48 -ppn 12 /soft/usr/acusim/HyperWorks/V12.0.310/altair/acusolve/linux64/plugins/bin/acuVwt.sh: Command not found. & Also getting error if i try with AcuVwt command instead of AcuVwt.sh /soft/usr/.../V12.0.310/altair/.../bin/acuVwt /soft/scratch/Abhi/BusM1-1/ Bus-M-1 sub -np 48 -ppn 12 Executing....<"/soft/.../linux64/plugins/bin/acuVwtScript" "/soft/scratch/Abhi/BusM1-1/" Bus-M-1 sub -np 48> Error 1 Executing: "/soft/.../acusolve/linux64/plugins/bin/acuVwtScript" "/soft/scratch/Abhi/BusM1-1/" Bus-M-1 sub -np 48 What to do ?
  2. Thank you for your reply. So path_to_acuVwt/ ??acuVwt /acuVwt.sh ?? path_to_working_directory parfile_prefix sub num_processors(np) num_processors_per_node(ppn) -q ??acusim?? -time 4320 I've to use acuVwt (or) acuVwt.sh & at the end -q acusim -time xxxx is needed or not ?
  3. Thank you for your reply. I'm using a cluster. In that I've to submit the job in queue. I think PBS is there. below is the output which I got when I submitted a job to the cluster ........................../Abhi/............ 82 > acuSub -pb AB35_2 -np 60 -ppn 12 -q acusim -time 4320 So, which command should I use to submit the job ?
  4. How to submit VWT job in cluster with the generated .par file & .nas file in linux cluster ? For acusolve i'm using the command: acuSub -pb <filename> -np <??> -ppn 12 -q acusim -time <????> similarly how to submit a vwt analysis with the generated .par file & .nas file in linux cluster ?
  5. I'm getting - Xvfb failed to start message when i enter ps -ef | grep -i vfb , I'm getting this: abhim 13138 4987 0 05:48 pts/5 00:00:00 grep -i vfb How to start the service ? UPDATE: if i enter the command without "sub" at the end. I'm getting this error: Set Up Log File = _undefined.1.Log Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 1, in ? File "repMain.py", line 104, in ? File "repWin.py", line 138, in run File "repWin.py", line 402, in compileAndRun File "<string>", line 1649, in ? ValueError: need more than 2 values to unpack
  6. I need to generate a report. This what I did 1.I exported the file from vwt. (.par & .nas ) 2. I meshed using acuMeshSim command in one cluster & generated the MESH.DIR & inp file. after it generated I cancelled the run 3. I uploaded the inp file & MESH.DIR to another cluster, ran the analysis. Its completed. Now I want to generate a report with the data. How to do it ? Which command should I use. its a linux based cluster. I've tried "/users/soft/altair/12.0/acusolve/linux64/plugins/bin/acuVwtReport" . Its not working in the cluster. Or Is there any other option to automatically generate the pressure, velocity, y+, streamlines plot in the cluster ? Please tell me what to do.
  7. abhi

    Estimating Y+

    Thanks guru for the reply I'm doing external aerodynamics, So I think I can stick with the flat plate as you said. But I'm still curious to know what the power & coefficient are related to materials - like air ?? I mean its the power & coefficient of what ???
  8. What is the length scale, coefficient, power in the Y+ Estimator. What are required values ? How to find the Y+ ? pls see the attached screenshot
  9. Thank you. Can you please explain bit more detail on how many time steps is needed to calculate drag for transient analysis. My time increment is 0.00056333s, Its a Ahmed body with 25 degree slant angle. inflow = 40m/s, nTimeSteps = 1389.
  10. Thank you for your reply. I counld'nt find the Drag_PLots.Drag_Coeff.dat in windows. But anyway using UDF with the above formula, I generated a text file of the plot. So how to calculate the exact/overall drag of a vehicle in steady & Transient analysis. I'm least internested in the drag @ each time step, I just want the overall drag of the vehicle/any body ? Thank You
  11. Thank you so much for your reply. I'm doing a analysis of Ahmed body of slant angle = 25 degree. I got the plot of cd with the above formula. But how to get a exact value, like overall drag of the body. For example, When I used Virtual Wind Tunnel. I got a exact drag value of 0.2981 which is the exact experimental value in the generated pdf report. How it calculated that value ? When I exported the drag plot & viewed in excel, that 0.2981 value was in the time step of 684. My total time step is 1389. Previously I was using Star-CCM+, In that, If I give the drag equation, It will show me the exact drag value & with that also I can plot a graph, But in Acuprobe, its just generating a plot, its not showing the exact drag value. I've attached the screenshot of the cd plot from Acuprobe & the drag value using Star-CCM+ for your reference. Thank You
  12. How to measure coefficient of drag & lift in Acusolve using AcuProbe or whatever ? What is the user defined function for calculating cd value? How to calculate the frontal area of a model ?
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