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  1. Thanks for your reply. Infact i have some more doubts on the 'exec' command. I have pasted some text from one of the document that i referred before i get into problem statement. Tcl supports both drive-relative and UNC style names. Both / and \ may be used as directory separators in either type of name. Drive-relative names consist of an optional drive specifier followed by an absolute or relative path. UNC paths follow the general form \\servername\sharename\path\file Keeping the above statement as reference, i was trying to execute a ppt file from the server location, but unable to do the same. I have given the problem statement below with example. exec {C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office15/POWERPNT.EXE} - \\SERVER\file -path\filename.pptx The above line does launch the ppt, but unable to load the file in the server path given(Gives an error saying 'sorry,unable to read the ppt file'). I have even checked changeing '\' in the server path to '/'. If i replace the server path with some local file path(offcourse with a ppt file with filename placed in the local path) the above line launches the ppt and loads the file as well. i.e..exec {C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office15/POWERPNT.EXE} - E:/Projects/macro-work/filename.pptx I wonder if this is the problem with syntax that i am using to specify a server location. Someone please help me on this. Thanks in advance, Prasad Poduval
  2. Hi All, I wanted to create a button for help for one of the macro in hypermesh. The intension is to make it easier for the user to get the procedure for macro at one click on hypermesh window. I have thought of calling a html page as one of the feasible method to do this. Please suggest if any of you have other thoughts in order to execute this(May be directly launch a ppt from hypermesh or something like that). Is it possible to launch a html page using tcl. In that case, i am done with my job because it is easy for me to convert my pptx to html page. Below is the link that i could find with the help of google. However, i was not able to execute my requirement with this. This may be of some help to you. http://www2.tcl.tk/557 Thanks in advance, Prasad poduval
  3. Hi Mario/Mohan, Thanks for that piece of info and inputs. This was really helpful and it is working. Really appreciate your help. Thank you, Regards, Prasad poduval
  4. Hi Mario, I Appreciate your help. Thanks. But it is not working. Below is what i tried as per your advice. *createmarkpanel comps 1 "Please enter component"; set E [hm_getmark comps 1] hm_getentityvalue comps $E material.id 0 -byid I have a material with id 1 assigned to this component. Thank you, Regards, Prasad poduval
  5. Hi All, I have to get the material id information using tcl once the user selects the elements or components in the screen. I am trying to use below command. hm_getentityvalue comps 12 "materialid" 0; But unable to get the information on material id. I am even okay with getting material name string. Can someone please help me to know how to achieve this task. Thank you, Regards, Prasad Poduval
  6. Hi Mario, Thanks for the reply.This is really useful. I have one more question. Is there any way we get simulation and subcase information as well as the corresponding stress value at in a single shot in envelope derived subcase. Getting the Envelope results are time consuming and with the option you suggested, it is only possible to get one at a time. I hope you got my point. I would really appreciate your views and look forward to hear from you. Thank you, Regards, Prasad Poduval
  7. Hi All, Is it possible to get the loadcase and simulation step number details that hyperview evaluates internally to arrive at Derived loadstep by using Envelope as type. Currently, i am able to get the counter plot from the derived envelope step. But the details of the each element stress with the corresponding loadcase and simulation step number is what i am unable to get. Kindly help me and let me know if anyone needs more elaboration on my sentence above. Thank you, Regards, Prasad Poduval
  8. Got a solution. *editmarkpanel can be used in such cases. Thank you, Regards, Prasad Poduval
  9. Hi All, I have a problem wherein i have a mark with nodes as the entity. Now i need to make it interactive to allow user to edit(Remove or Add) nodes from the existing mark and therby create a new mark. I Understand *Createmarkpanel as the only interactive way by which i can edit my selections in hypermesh. But *createmarkpanel only provides a panel to add entities to an empty mark.So no scope to edit the already existing mark. Kindly suggest any other method to meet my requirement. Thank you, Regards, Prasad Poduval
  10. Dear Friends, Has anyone tried performing dynamic restart analysis or to be more specific, a sol 111(modal frequency response analysis) in optisruct? Kindly respond to this, as i could see only documents related to optistruct restart analysis for an optimization run. Thank you, Regards, Prasad Poduval
  11. Why don't you just retain your 2nd order 2d mesh and change the order later using the change order option in hypermesh. This way you can avoid trias right????:d/ . Regards, Prasad Poduval
  12. Hi All, I have tried this. it is true that you get a cmf alike file. But,It may not be that easy for a beginner as there are handles that show errors and to debug such errors i feel it is difficult without proper tk programming knowledge. I had faced similar problems with hypermesh created cmf file. If you try to create macros with the commands copied from cmf file and try to execute it, there will be lot of format errors. Little bit of play around is needed to set things in the right path. As far as hypermesh is concerned we have proper guideline and description related to each command.This makes things easier. Regards, Prasad Poduval
  13. below is the command lines that i am using for the same.I am just a beginner.This is FYI. Correct me if something is wrong *createmarkpanel elements 1 "Select penta elements to combine"; set d [hm_getmark elements 1]; hm_createmark elements 1 $d; *findmark elements 1 1 0 nodes 0 2 set nodelist [hm_getmark nodes 2]; hm_createmark nodes 2 $nodelist; ------------->woking fine till here *createlist nodes 2 $nodelist; *createelement 208 1 2 0; *deletemark $d after the 4th line from bottom(i.e..last 3 lines), I don't know what is the issue. The error line while execution reads "More nodes should be selected to build the element". Till 4th line from the bottom, the commands are to save the nodes of 2 penta elements(8 nodes) and marking it. I tried creating quad elemet also using *createelement 104 1 2 0; I was easily able to create mass element on the 8 nodes saved replacing the last 3 lines with *masselement(2,0,"",0). That means to me something wrong with my last 3 lines of command.
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