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  1. Hi, I get an error as the attachted ffigure when I generator a templex in HyperStudy. Do you known how to fix this problem, please help me to solve it. Thank you!
  2. Thank you Florian_lm! I simulated tensile test with standard specimen - Standard specimen E8M - 09. Now the stress - plastic strain simulation and enter data match together. But the elongation is so short - The sample was failed after over the maximum force value a little bit. Would you give me some suggestions? I think there are some thing wrong in fracture phase - I used the formulations in Example 11 - HyperWorks turtorial to get the Stress - Plastic strain curve. Thank!
  3. Hi Mario, I converted force - Extension --> true stress/strain --> True stress - Plastic strain (By shift the true stress - strain curve to the left hand side. Of course the starting plastic strain = 0). I don't known, which parameters effect the behavior of sample after maximum stress value (in the rupture phase)?
  4. Hi everyone, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are 3 options in I_thick parameter (Shell resultant stresses calculation flag) in card Shell element property. = 0: default set to value defined with /DEF_SHELL = 1: thickness change is taken into account = 2: thickness is constant How should I choice this parameter? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Base on tensile test experiment data (Force - Extension), I converted the data to Plastic strain - Stress for using MAT36. The Stress - strain in simulation and enter data is the same. But the result has a problem. The Force - extension curves are the same until maximum force. The simulation extension is shorter than experiment extension. I think there are some problems in the rupture phase. Which one should I check? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you very much!
  5. Hi Mario, If I use LS-Dyna, which material models similar MAT36? Thank!
  6. Hi NSKRTLUS and everyone, I used 5 integration points, but the result is the same. Would you show me how to define 'ANIM/SHELL/EPSP/ALL', I didn't see this option in engine file. Do you think the simulation speed is too high, or T_freq value (ANIM/DT/Tfreq) is too big? The hardware testing was test at 4mm/min, totally testing time is 450 seconds. But I setup simulation time 10 seconds, its mean the simulation speed is higher 45 times. If I reduce simulation velocity - increase simulation time - I need to increase ANIM/DT/Tfreq value. Because the Radioss limits the total files (1000 files). Thank you very much!
  7. Hi Everyone, I use Radioss for simulation a tensile test. I used LAW36 - Elastic Plastic Piecewise Linear Material - I used the failure strain criteria. But the elements were failed before reach the enter failure strain value. In the atached figure, the red curve is stress - Strain curve. This is the enter data. The blue curve is simulation result. You can see the gap of the end. Would you show me, how to get the result with the simulation result curve follow enter data? Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone, I use Radioss to check a tensile test. The hardware testing was tested at speed 4mm/min, and total time for testing is 450 seconds. The simulation time is very long. Would you show me which parameters or methods to reduce simulation time? (NO REMESH model) Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone, I want to practice the example 48 - Solid Spotweld (Ver.12) to understand how to setup spotweld property. However, submodels are not included when I install the software. Would you send me the example 48 with all of the submodel? Thank you very much!
  10. Hi everyone, I need to export the location of some nodes in result file (*.T01). Please show me how to setup this problem. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, For shape optimization, I have go get some nodes location from the data file (Result file). But I don't know how to output this data. I only get the time history of nodes, not the node location. Please show me how to do it. Thank very much!
  12. Hi everyone! I used Elastic Plastic Piecewise Linear Material model to analysis There are some elements not follow the material model perfectly - at some plastic strain values. Please show me what is the reason! Thank you very much!
  13. Hi everyone, I used law36 to analyze my models. Elements are failed base on plastic strain criterion. When I set l_thick = 1 (thickness change is taken into account) in shell property, elements are failed earlier. What is the reason? Thanks you!
  14. Hi, my name is Nghiem. Could you show me how to get reaction force in Radioss?
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