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  1. hi, I am trying to evaluate permeability constants k11, k22 and k33 for fiberglass/polyester laminate experimentally for VARTM process. Is there any way to simulate this in hypermesh and evaluate these constants ? thank you.
  2. OS-3200: Optimization-driven Design of a Composite Aircraft Underbelly Fairing for this example can some1 kindly upload the fairing.fem file ???
  3. Hi, I have never done thermal analysis in HYPERMESH. I require some basic tutorials/examples which can help me familiarize with thermal analysis in HM. Where can i get those ? This is urgent so kindly help asap.
  4. I want to select elements which are covered within a large circle. What is the best way to select such elements ?
  5. I want to compare the normal modes implied by a reduced representation with those implied by a full analysis. i have a cantilever beam fixed at one end meshed using 3 20-node hex elements. The variables at 24 equally spaced nodes are selected as masters and a guyan reduction is performed. The normal modes of the reduced system are produced and compared with the normal modes of the full system using the MAC. 1.how do i perform this in HM ? 2. after performing guyan reduction will the natural frequencies differ or be same as the frequencies without guyan reduction ?
  6. i need to perform a fourier axisymmetric analysis of a hollow cylider . can someone please elaborate the procedure ?
  7. hi prakash, i am using nx nastran as solver, so can you please instruct accordingly ? thanks
  8. hello, I am performing a GUYAN reduction analysis in HM. I have no idea how to perform this analysis. Can someone kindly explain how to perform this analysis in HM. thank you.
  9. hi prakash, thank you for your prompt response. where can i download the files referenced in the tutorial.
  10. Hello, In HM where is the option to set units like kg-m-s etc. before starting the analysis ?
  11. Hello, how do you use the POST --> FREE BODY option in HM ?
  12. how do you apply MPC in Hypermesh. thank you.
  13. i want to do a contact analysis of a semi-circle contacting a rectangular plane (2D analysis). pressure load is applied on the semi-circular surface . how do i perform this analysis in HM ? unfortunately, i am unable to upload the pic describing the problem.
  14. i have two blocks which are sitting on top of each other. the bottom face of one of the blocks is fixed. pressure load is applied on the top face of the other block. i need to simulate contact analysis between the two blocks in HM using hex elements. how do i do this ? please help.
  15. after 2d meshing a surface, how to fix the failed elements so that the entire mesh meets all elements meet the meshing criteria.
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