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  1. Hi, How to check the element's normal is sequence and consistent? Please suggest a way to do through programmatically... Regards, SriGanesh
  2. Hi, How do i normalize the elements using a specific vector direction? Regards, SriGanesh.
  3. Thanks all.. Your opinions and views helped a lot.. Regards, SriGanesh.
  4. Q.NGUYEN-DAI, Thanks for the opinion.. I have installed the trail version of dev kit and compiled the source code which was created on hm..It source perfect and works fine... Is there any free tool to convert the tcl to bytecode...? tinh, Thanks for your reply. I have installed TclPro1.4.1 from sourceforge.net. It is asking for license. Please suggest.. Thanks, SriGanesh.
  5. Hi Q.NGUYEN-DAI, Thanks for your reply. I have used freewrap to convert .tcl to .exe. http://wiki.tcl.tk/11861 Is there any way that we can convert the source code to any non-readable format? Regards, SriGanesh.
  6. Hi, I have converted .tcl file to executable (.exe) file format. (The macro(.tcl) which works on Hypermesh ) Is it possible to call the .exe file from another .tcl macro? exec [ file normalize "c:\\hm\\Runexe.exe" ]; Or Is there a way to secure the code?....Binary format or something... Regards, SriGanesh,.
  7. Hi, I figured it out by *createmark "by sphere"... It has deleted exactly the elements which is present within given radii... Let me know weather it works in all cases.... *createmark elements 1 "by sphere" $lBaseX $lBaseY $lBaseZ $lRadii inside 1 0 0; Thanks, Sri
  8. Hi Adams, Here is the situation... The elements which i have is Quad elements and kind of match mesh... I have attached a snapshot that shows a particular elements being selected manually within a diamteric... i want to select the elements of within a diameter to delete and use it further... Please refer the attachment... Regards, SriGanesh
  9. Hi, How to select the shell elements within a particular radii using a center point?.. (On a planer) As i am trying to automate the process of deleting the shell elements within a Radii using center point.. Please provide me the API's and procedures... Kindly help... Regards, SriGanesh.
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