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  1. It previously worked OK. Somehow hypermesh 2017.2 is updating the hmsetting.tcl file every time I close the session. I checked that with hypermesh 14 and there is no issue.
  2. Hi all, I noticed that using hypermesh 2017.2 the hmsettings.tcl file is overwrite after closing the current session. By starting a new hypermesh session, all my keyboards settings goes to factory reset even if I didn't ask for that. Is there a way to fix this issue. Thank you for your time.
  3. Hi Prakash, Thanks for your reply. Yes I am using Optistruct. I guess using OLOAD can do the trick but is there any way to do this in Hypermesh without the need for running a solution?
  4. Hey Everyone, I am also interested to visualize the applied temperatures as contour plot. Anyway to do this in hypermesh ?
  5. Hello all, I have one Optistruct model that contains 3 spring element types (CBUSH, CELAS1, CELAS2). I need to select all spring elements CBUSH and CELAS2 from my model. By using this command: *createmark elems 2 "by config" 21 I select all springs from my model. Is there any way to select all CBUSH and CELAS2 entities from my model? Thank you!
  6. Hi Rahul, I tried to export the CAD in parasolid format (all type formats) but looks like CATIA can't recognize the parasolid file type.
  7. Try to export/import in a different hypermesh version. (12,14 or 2017). If no results, this may be a hm bug.
  8. Hi, Try to import the exported .step file in a different hm session and see if the geometry is correct. I did something similar with .step file from HM to CATIA and I did't find any settings that help.
  9. Hello, I think is not possible to create hexa mesh on this solid. I have separated the solid in many solids. I have tried to manually mesh the transition solids and there are few areas that make this process impossible. (see attached). If someone create this mesh, will be very interesting to find that this is possible.
  10. Hello, Which is the best approach using HyperMesh in order to obtain good quality tetra elements (mesh size 6mm) from scanned data and also have a good adherence to scaned data . I have tried remesh elements and this is not a good solution because I don't have sufficient control of the mesh. I have tried to create surfaces from FE but the resulting surfaces are not usable for mesh (feature lines cannot be controlled). Thank you for all suggestions.
  11. Hello, I succeeded using hm_getmark. This gave me the component id that is useful for me. Thank you.
  12. Hello, I don't know what am I doing wrong. I tried to get property name - this works fine. I tried to get property id - this is not OK. set entity_name [hm_entityinfo name props $old_prop ] - this will return the property name - everything is OK set entity_id [hm_entityinfo id props $old_prop -byid ] - this will return the property id as "2" even if the property id is 123123 WHY? Thank you.
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