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  1. Hello everybody one question to hyperview: I connected 45 nodes to a node-set. This node set describes the circumference of a certain body. Is it possible to write out a contour plot of this node-set, only of this node-set? At the end I want to describe the contour before and after simulation. I work with LS Dyna. Regards, ChiaBr
  2. Thank you very much! It worked very well Thank you again
  3. Thank you for your quick answer! I will try it this way. How I've already written, I measure the distance between two point. To be more specific, I measure the distance between two nodes, which are located on a rib of a human model on the left and right side. This distance - before simulation starts (before impact to the whole human body begins) - should be compared to the distance of this two nodes after simulation. Is it possible, to write a (mathematical) script in hyperview, that calculates the quotient ( new distance / initial distance ) ? Or do you have another idea for this problem? Thanks for supporting again! Regards, ChiaBr Is it possible, to write a script in Hyperview,
  4. Hello everybody I'm working with ls dyna as solver and have a question about distance measurements. I want to measure the distance between two nodes during a simulation. I simulate a moving sled with a person on it. The distance between two nodes of the person should be compared at the beginning and after a certain time is over. Does some of you maybe have an idea how to measure and compare the distance of two nodes? Regards, ChiaBr
  5. Thank you for your response again. My solver is LS Dyna. Is it possible to run a implicit calculation with TET-10 elements? Regards, ChiaBr
  6. Thank you for your response. I first have to delete my current mesh, change the preferences to tet10 and then create a new mesh? Regards, ChiaBr
  7. Hello everybody I want to make a comparison between the tracking forces and the introduced loads.They have to by in balance, otherwise something is wrong with my model.. How can I do that in Hypermesh? My solver is LS Dyna. I already wrote the reaction forces out. I can watch them in Hypergraph. But after that? Regards, ChiaBr
  8. Hello everybody One short question: I'm working with a STL-File, so I've only got a surface with only triangles. To generate a mesh, I used the Standard Tetra Mesher. My question is, if Hypermesh automatically created Tetra-elements first order or second order? My results are very bad, therefore it would be helpful probably, to create a Mesh with tetra-elements second order. Regards, ChiaBr
  9. Thank you for your response Q.Nguyen-Dai At my system, there isn't a option like in your picture.. When I start the software, I can decide between three Profile options. At my university, where we probably have a different license version, there are more user profiles to chose. Besides, at the university pc there is an option like in your picture - so there the import works without any problems. Do I have to download another version or is it not possible to open .stl files with the student version? Regards, ChiaBr
  10. Does someone maybe have an idea? Regards, ChiaBr
  11. Hello everybody For a project work at my University I have to import two .STL-Files to my Hypermesh Student Version 11.0. In the Menu "Import-SolverDeck" I can't find something like ".stl" format.. Can someone help me to import the STL-Files to my Hypermesh program? is there a special folder or directory, where the files should be? Thank you! Regards, ChiaBr
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