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  1. Thank you cfdguru for your quick reply. 1)When I chose "direct" for the turbulence input, I didn't see any place pops up asking for the variables (eg. turbulent kinetic energy, eddy frequency), only eddy viscosity is available. Is the setting somewhere else in the GUI? Or setting eddy viscosity is enough? 2) If to choose "direct", how can I find out what turbulence intensity it is using? 3) My case is an external flow over a square obstacle. Shall I use the dimension of the square side for turbulence length scale? Thank you very much. Regards, Fangyuan
  2. You could right click and choose to export the traction, that will produce a text file of the traction history at each time step.
  3. Hi all, In BC - surfaces - choose an inflow surface - simple boundary condition, there is a "turbulence input type". 1) What does the choice of "direct" mean? 2) Does "direct" mean direct numerical simulation? (Which means that there is no turbulence) 3) If I choose "Intensity and length scale", what is the proper dimension for the length scale? ( I am modelling a 2D 4m*4m square in a large rectangular fluid domain, interested in the drag force) Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks all. Fangyuan
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