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  1. hi rahul, please have a look, its taken from 13.0 version for the INIVEL/AXIS entity editor. Which one is correct?. regards, ashok.
  2. hi chaithanya, thanks for reply. i was worried whether that model will give the same or at-lease same mechanical properties, like strength, stiffness, etc.
  3. Hi all, Can any one tell me how to create the composite twill weave single ply. as shown in the attached image. which options can i use for creating this type of ply. please let me know which option can be used for it. Thanks & regards. Ashok.
  4. If you r are taking the 3D elements faces as reference for creating the tetramesh the connectivity will be maintained, to get conformation, create the faces for all 3D elements and check the connectivity of the 3D elements. to create faces goto Tools>>Faces>>
  5. delete these files in the My document folder. and restart the HM Sorry for interrution, but my opticontrol is missing and how can i restore it back? when i click the opticontrol the desmax all those toolbar is missing ... it was okay this mornig Have you deleted all the files as indicated here - http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/13434-how-to-delete-settings-files/
  6. Hi prakash, Thanks for your reply, I have done the same as you explained. created 4 psolid properties and updated the coordinate systems, everything is fine, but hot to view the fiber direction, and how to judge which axis it has taken for orientation. Please find the attached .hm file send to your drop box, and have a look on 3D model. please suggest me how to view the fiber angle direction for 3D elements.
  7. yes Mr.prakash, we can use the MAT9ORT card for creating the material. but my query is how to assign the fibers direction (I mean like fiber angles in ply while creating the laminates for 2D elements). Can it possible to create a 3D element property which contains the fiber angle incorporated. And, how to seperate the elements for different fiber angles like plys. Thankd & regards.
  8. Hi every one. I was working for a 3D model, where i want to assign the composite material like e-glass epoxy with different fiber angles at different regions (for example like leaf springs). I wanted it to do with 3D elements, with including the contact non linearity. Can it possible, i have done for 2D elements by creating the plys and assigning the thickness. but looking forward to do over with 3D elements. please suggest. Thanks & regards,
  9. Try this option, Mesh-create-Midsurf mesh, its a automated process manager which will create the mesh and apples the thickness for the elements with respective to geometry thickness. You ca specify the element length, geometry parameters for fillets, hole watchers, etc.
  10. ASCII format file is a general code format where major files are scripted. After creating the mesh in the Ansys user profile, Create an ET Type sensor for all type of elements, from 1D, 2D, & 3D panels, update all the element types from the ELEM Types option in 3D panel, and then export in to desired format.
  11. either the properties are not assigned correctly or there is a connectivity of elements issue. Make sure all the elements are connected at the interface of reinforce and concrete. This may work.
  12. May be this option works but its leads to element quality issues. try it.
  13. If you are using the Optistruct user profile try using this option Analysis page--control cards--DTI-UNITS card check with help.
  14. Since we are creating the 2D elements for a mid surface, to represent the exact geometry the thickness has to be assigned.
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