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  1. Thank you George for quick response. Is there any tool in hm which can convert h3d to op2 files ? [Similiar to hgtrans which converts - op2 to h3d files] ?
  2. Hello, i am doing explicit analysis using Radioss explicit solver. Currently results are output in h3d formats. There are also options available to output - H3D / Animation file / sta / sty files. Is there any option by which we can output results in "op2/pch" format ?
  3. Hi, I have a query regarding an acoustic analysis using Optistruct. I am doing 'Transmission loss' analysis of a duct system. For a start- i am trying with simple expansion chamber problem. I have defined acoustic source (ACSRCE) at inlet and non-reflecting boundary condition at inlet and outlet end of pipe (Using CAABSF element with PAABSF property entry of impedance equal to = “Rho*C”). In frequency response analysis, i have extracted input point (9001) and output point (9002) pressure values. I am using Optistruct_14.0.220_windows solver. Following are the results for Transmission Loss (TL) – { TL = 20 * log10(Pin / Pout) } - I have also calculated transmission loss using analytical approach. Transmission loss in a simple expansion chamber is analytically calculated (worldly proven formula/graph) as shown – The transmission loss Vs Frequency graph from analytical approach is not matching with FEM solution. FEM solution is showing increasing values with extra trough at 144.0 Hz. Does anybody have come across similar problem? Is anything wrong in model definition? I heard of “Annular duct modes boundary condition” (used by software’s like LMS Virtual lab, etc). Are such boundary conditions are also available in Optistruct?
  4. Hi George, Thanks for quick response. I have tried with "/TFILE/4" option. T01 file is now opening in Hypergraph. Later i also found the following text in Hyperworks Help, which states that - 'Type1 is not readable by most Radioss post-processors'. Also, can we conclude from energy plots that - which part / property is contributing more in energy error ? Thank You for your Help.
  5. Hi George, Thanks for reply. I am unable to open drop box link, hence i have mailed you respective files. I am using "VERS/110" option in deck file. While i am running my radioss run with - 'e_12.0.233_linux64' solver. My intention behind plotting the energy of each part - is to visualize which part is contributing more in energy error. - Thank You.
  6. Hi, In explicit dynamic run using Radioss, i am trying to output energy plot . I have defined TH/PART in a deck file. Whenever i am trying to load *.T01 file into Hypergraph, its showing following error - (refer attached image) Please help in this problem.
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