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  1. Hello Sir,

    I am doing a rollover analysis of a bus, for that i have given initial velocity as 10mm/s in the SET, but its just deforming at the place where the velocity is given

    Can u just help me out on what I should do to make the bus rollover on the platform.



  2. hi good day mario. mario do you have an example 3 point bending simulation that using LS-Dyna.? thanks in advance
  3. hye expert i would like to refine mesh at the certain area which is some area is fine mesh and other is coarse mesh. how can i do it..?? it is have any tutorial or step by step to do so.?? thanks in advance..
  4. hi prakash.. before that i have put negative sign to the gravitational acceleration (-9810 mm/s2) but the result unchanged.
  5. hi expert.. i am begginer in Hypermesh and Lsdyna interface. now i am running for bus rollover structure analysis using hypermesh and LSDyna interface. i already put all the boundary condition/material/properties/load body/contact and others. for these im using unit mm/s/tonne and i also check for consistent unit all the time. after calculation is complete.. the bus structure is not falling down but the model is going up and horizontally (likely fly away).. in my boundary condition, i put the load body in Y-direction and its pointing vertically.. my load body curve is X; 0 y: 1 X; 2 y: 1 the gravitational accelaration is 9810 mm/s2 and time termination is 2s.. contact used: surface to surface/ single surface/ node to surface and rigiwalls planar. so what can i do to make the bus structure is falling down.?? hope somebody can help me..
  6. good day mario in define curve for load body.. how can i define the load_body curve as a horizontal line (ordinate value equal to the gravitational acceleration) what value need I put in ordinate.? and also what value need I put in abscissa.? hope you can help.. thanks.
  7. Prakash value 10000 you put on the table meaning is 10000s.?? And 1 meaning 1N..??
  8. Thank prakash for reply.. But i little bit confuse how can i set the time and load..?? I already set the gravity acc. as 9810... then what time and load must i put on that graph..??
  9. good day.. im running an analysis which involve gravity loading/body load. but I not sure what to input the value of X and Y at the curve editor and what the relation these curve with the gravity effect to the analysis....thumbnail attached.. can anyone explain how to use it and how to input the value... thank a lots..
  10. hi expert there.. I am new in using hyperworks with lsdyna solver. how can I setup the bus rollover simulation.?? any have some tutorial to simulate bus rollover..?? thank in advance..
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