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  1. tinh

    Checking penetrations between parts

    Could you try running it in hypermesh (not hypermesh desktop)
  2. tinh

    Checking penetrations between parts

    OK. so i will make a script with a loop that project node to the closest elem
  3. tinh

    Checking penetrations between parts

    Invoke dropdown menu Tools>Transformation And Shift+F3 to merge nodes
  4. tinh

    Checking penetrations between parts

    Yes, i understand You want to click an elem and hm will move nodes on it face (or offset at some clearance) I will try making that Currently, you select n1 n2 n3 on elem and that is inconvenience, don't you?
  5. Create your own tcl file And modify target of hv shortcut with adding -tcl "your tcl file" If you cannot create toolbar, add your menu onto main hv dropdown menu
  6. Yes It is a base proc So you have to use it to make tcl codes creating toolbars other than just type it in default file
  7. Hi, It is not available for hyperview But i found a proc to create toolbars in HV ::hwt::HwToolbar
  8. I have a base script to make toolbar and toolbar button But for hypermesh I will test it on hyperview if possible Plz wait...
  9. Ok it is a menubutton It cannot be placed in a menu Where do you want to place it?
  10. Oh, many ways... @vipin should test which one is the fastest Using cmd time {script} To measure time to finish a script
  11. Menubutton differs from menu What are you creating?
  12. tinh

    Checking penetrations between parts

    Could you explain by images? I think every fuction in ansa can be made in hm
  13. tinh

    Checking penetrations between parts

    Hi, do not use tools in penetation tab to fix Use shift F4 to translate instead