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  1. Above sample script can detect holes and internal free edges, too. From each node list of hole you can close it.
  2. tinh

    How to use Multiple load steps in a single objective?

    min disp objective is just counted for 1 case if you want to incorporate more cases, use min weighted compliance objective
  3. tinh

    Matrix Browser

    because surfaces do not have data name 'area', so you must calculate it. populate a column with data name 'surfaces' create a user data with type "procedure" and calculate area as: set col_data {} foreach surf_list [::MatrixBrowser::getColumn surfaces] { set area 0 foreach surf_id $surf_list {set area [expr $area+[hm_getareaofsurface surfs $surf_id]]} lappend col_data $area } return $col_data
  4. tinh

    Matrix Browser

    Do you have any demostration clip?
  5. Hi, don't need *findmark try this *nodecleartempmark *createmark loads 1 "by config" temperature *createmark nodes 1 "by loads" {*}[hm_getmark loads 1] *createmark nodes 1 reverse *nodemarkaddtempmark 1
  6. Hi Look it up in hypermesh reference help There is an example there Some posts on this forum talk about it also, please search.
  7. Try removing the commands? I recommend not to use *setvalue It is new command and i think it's just a wrapping of native *attributeupdate commands, means that bug and bug when dev writes it. Can't trust new dev team so it's better to use native api!
  8. tinh

    Deleting a .fem-File

    Log off then log on again Or restart pc Windows is sometime very fool!
  9. tinh

    Matrix Browser

    Can you tell purpose of matrix browser?
  10. tinh

    View cross section

    Just rotate viewport before use hidden line
  11. Use hm_holedetectioninit Then use ruled mesh to fill holes
  12. And to bring assemlist to a toplevel, use hwtk::treectrl widget
  13. It looks incorrect but somehow it worked! Good job
  14. There is a private hm proc to call that GUI. I don't have hypermesh here to check it.plz wait till Monday You can make a similar GUI using hwtk::selectlist combine a wait mechanizm to configure it as a modal dialog