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  1. As my sense, select entity by frame usually more smooth and faster than by picking, even in older versions. That's more clearly on PC without graphic card
  2. Hi Turn off checkbox 'advance criteria table' and input again
  3. Check the command you used. If it does not create elems in solid then it is incompleted, check parameters in the panel to complete it.
  4. Turn off 'detail representation' Graphic may have some bugs.
  5. As i know, hm comments are not neccessary. Input deck could be from many sources don't have hm comments. Check your import options, there is one indicating to create comps by props instead of the comments.
  6. That means the mesh was not created.
  7. You don't need $HMMOVE If you already define props for beams, hm will create comps automatically 'misc' store beams that hm does not find their prop
  8. Just turn on mesh of all comps (your photo show only mesh of comp 6)
  9. On the panel, click 'setting' and apply element length measure method as 'shortest edge'.
  10. No, this isn't. 3d comps usually have free edges and you don't need to care about them. With 3d comps, you need to ensure no free faces, instead.
  11. You must delete edges before remeshing. Replaced nodes must be at vertices of the shaped
  12. I don't mean tetra remesh, I mean remesh 2d trias (in panel automesh, select trias elems and remesh them, new nodes will be distributed near by blue nodes and then you can equivalence them.)
  13. Hi Unfortunately, i am not sure there is a single run for every task. How many welds do you have? Some tasks will take much time, but if you want to automatically do it by script, you'll need much time to design script, too. You have to consider. I want to see your lines, if possible. (Step or iges)
  14. Hi Just replace 1 or 2 nodes and then remesh green elems , remained nodes will be concided to nodes of blue comp so you can equivalence it
  15. Ok if you don't need and it affects mesh, then simply don't associate nodes, so mesh will be unchanged. What is your trouble if nodes are not associated?
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