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  1. An example expanse usage of expr command to do vector operations:
  2. Even if there is no available function, you can write them easily. Google for their formula.
  3. Try *findloops https://forum.altair.com/topic/20793-finding-a-closed-loop-free-edges/?tab=comments#comment-47179 Once getting loop elems, use hm_getvalue to return their nodes (will be ordered as by *nodelistbypath)
  4. Hi I don't remember transforming matrix. But use vectors to find V04: (N4 is projected of N3) From V13 you can utilize built-in package math::linearalgebra
  5. Yes, No.3 is not clear how to do (i double click but its loadadd does not. Anyway try and reply me results: #hide all loadcols: *createmark loadcols 1 all *displaycollectorsbymark loadcols 1 off 1 1 #show all loadsteps foreach LS [hm_entitylist loadsteps name] {*displaycollectorwithfilter loadsteps on $LS 1 1} #delete undisplayed loadcols: *createmark loadcols 1 displayed *createmark loadcols 1 reverse *deletemark loadcols 1
  6. How does it look? Is it same as Solidworks?
  7. Yes, make a loop for each node id, use hm_measureshortestdistance to calculate distance to surfs then mark yellow it if d > a certain value
  8. By programming approach, loop for each index then compare corresponding value?
  9. In my site, I have a script to measure thickness of CAD geom and assign to FE comp. But finally we have to check it one by one visually, too. Man is very important, don't let scripts to decide anything.
  10. If you mesh it by automesh, there is a way: Shift F2 >add temp nodes for all Click button "nodes">by geom>surfs, select all surfs> add to selection> clear Remained nodes are not projected to surfs. If you import mesh & cad separatedly, you must have a script to check distance from each node to cad surfs. Roughly, try pulldown menu Mesh>Check>Elements>Comparison
  11. You should make bolt by 3d tetra elems. Because stiffness of comp is high similar to bolt
  12. Find intersection of them then delete that portion
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