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  1. Use text box you can embed any label, button, etc... Hwtk textbox is designed with auto-scrollbars, you don't need to connect them to textbox any more
  2. Use set nodelist [hm_entitylist node] It runs faster than *createmark and hm_getmark
  3. That command is repeated by a 'for' loop, but you don't increase table id after each iteration. Do you see that?
  4. I don't see any command that puts elems into the table. Where is it?
  5. What is 'flatten' proc? This cmd is potential bug: lappend elem_ids [flatten [hm_getmark elems 2]] Change it to: eval lappend elem_ids [hm_getmark elems 2]
  6. Enforced dislpacement equivalences to a set of apply forces NOT only at enforced nodes. Check .out file for force equilibrium.
  7. SPCF are reaction forces, why do you think sum of them is zero?
  8. Add {*} {*}[hm_formnodelistfrommark nodes 2]
  9. I don't understand you. If you can present problem by images, pls draw.
  10. You can test to get the rule. If you can't identify changing rule, your script will be very ill.
  11. Yes id 200000 is existing but the command *createmark elems 2 200000 may not put it in mark #2 If you don't know what is solver id and what is internal id, then read reference help, or search related posts.
  12. Perhaps elem id in the table is solver id, it is different from 200000 (internal id)
  13. If elem id is missing, reason may be it is not put in mark #2
  14. I think he knows file command.tcl But he didn't know how to detect surfs "inside" comps 1 & 3 Check every surf of comp 2, take a point on each surf and from it get closest point on comp 1&3 Check normal vector at the closest point if it is reversed then surf is "inside" hm_getsurfacenormalatcoodinate is helpful
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