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  1. I think it is a profesional way!
  2. Hi, Yes i will try if it is similar to HM
  3. Not sure what your final purpose is, but this is my suggestion: If 3d drag panel does not make good numbering, you first duplicate 2d elems then translate them to form layers. Check their nodes number, are they ok? If they are, then use 3d drag to create 3d elems, don't care about their nodes number. Last step: equivalence 3d elems with 2d layers, confirm the option "keep lowest ids" then nodes of 3d will be replaced by nodes of 2d with good numbering.
  4. Yes, you need a little time to be familiar with it. New features just make it more expensive. Once you become familiar with it, you'll get your own procedure to work and feel that new features are not much important.
  5. Hi, I think I found it. In file .../br/common/operations/createentity.tcl Please open it and go to line 70: if { $types == "Assemblies" && $view == "assemhierarchy" } { Please change it to be same as hm2017: if { $types == "Assemblies" } { In hm2019 the line indicates that only assemblyview will show menu items Assembly, Component, Multibody
  6. Before enter the command, pls left click on an assembly on modelview.
  7. it is quite similar to hm2017 I am sure that context menu settings of modelview are stored in .../br/views/common/menucreate.xml There are 3 menu items existing in that file: Assembly, Component, Multibody Same as hm2017 Could you try closing HM, delete hmsettings.tcl , hmmenu.set then open it again. Other tests: 1) right click on a white space to see full menu "Create", are there Assembly, Component, Multibody in the menu? 2) check if it is invisible by enter to cmd window: ::hmbr::createentity::isVisible Assemblies content ::hmbr::createentity above should return 'true' If it returns 'false', we will debug it later.
  8. Hi Mr. @Q.Nguyen-Dai I seem to find it in hm2017 I don't have hm2019, could you please zip folder <install_dir>/hm/scripts/br and post here.
  9. As i think, first you need to do contact analysis, after that you extract contact forces Then use those forces as BC for topology optimization of single part. You need to constraint it.
  10. I deem persons before become HM developers should be HM users, so they could upgrade software better. Anyway it's a really good software because we can do almost things by Tcl
  11. Yes we knew that issue. When you check in hm, it is full precision But export to bdf it's only 8 digits in short format You can use long format or simply set criteria to 39.9 instead of 40.0
  12. Yes, I do. I will try hooking the menu. Just need a little time to find where it is.
  13. Hello I modify some things Please copy these modified files and overwrite the old ones If something's wrong, simply backup original files and let me know issuesReports_modified.zip
  14. Hi @ezzymn I seem to find out where the settings can be customized. It's exactly stored in below files: <install dir>/hm/scripts/br/views/model/regular/ Please copy the folder 'regular' and zip it then post it here. I will modify settings and send back to you. Don't modify it by yourself because it's easy to be fault.
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