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  1. Hi Panel tools>faces. Find faces Then you can select nodes "by collector" ^faces
  2. tinh


    Hwtk is very easy to used You should read sample codes in start.all programs.altair hyperworks 2017.tools.hwtk gui toolkit
  3. Hi 1) create a treectrl widget 2) create items for treectrl widget 3) write bound procs of the items Can you do it?
  4. Hi foreach item $elementlist { If {[llength [lsearch -all $elementlist $item]]>1} {puts $item} }
  5. Certainly, it needs exec command The file optistruct.bat is existing That means the path you typed in is wrong Please check it.
  6. I don't believe you Sure I believe computer, because the error says "no such file or directory", obviously Try again and again
  7. I don't have education version. Try searching file optistruct.bat by window search box
  8. Collision with OS? I think that is radioss feature only
  9. You found holes , so you just bind nodes on the holes by rbe2, and then beam
  10. Hi Use *entityhighlighting 0 hm_blockredraw 1
  11. Follow that post, then you can make the script
  12. Hi First, find holes on flange, hm_holedetectioninit may help Second, find mates of each hole 3, bind each hole by rbe2 4, bind 2 rbe2 by beam
  13. I think batch mesher can do it and we don't need tcl If you want, hm_holedetectioninit will help