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  1. Create midsurface of comp and use hm_getsurfacethicknessvalues to return thickness values at some fixed points of midsurface Compare the values and assign it.
  2. Provide last folder path to -initialdir of that openfileentry widget
  3. View sample scripts in (intalled dir)/hm/scripts Many useful commands and procs are there
  4. Scale down the time step. High speed impact needs small time step. If a rocket flying to you at 200m/s, you must displace faster (shoter time) than in case of a bike moving 10m/s, otherwise you'll bloom!
  5. They (software developers) don't merge those 2 cards because some features just need one of them. It is about data organization, i think so.
  6. Contact force is calculated based on penetration so i think penetration is must. For stress result, pls try increasing the force on plate.
  7. I see some posts about output k matrix of full model only Can you calculate element k matrix from it shape and properties?
  8. I have a tip in this case (I already got this problem in a real project, and find out this way ) 1. Preview equivalence nodes in comp1 only, you find some nodes 2. Bind above nodes by a rigid (to prevent them from next equivalence) 3. Do steps 1 and 2 with comp2 only 4. Now you can equivalence both comps, because each comp cannot equivalence it self (rigid elems prevent this) 5. Delete 2 rigids
  9. They are all to bind structure But solver computes binding characteristics differently. Refer to corresponding solver card of them
  10. In panel 1d>bars ax ay az bx by bz are beam section offset values
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