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  1. (Encountered error (check read/write permissions and file existence)). => look like current working directory is read-only (Program Files , Windows, ...) The file being opened for reading does not... => file reading failed ( file not existing, not readable, invalid data content or emptied) please verify
  2. tinh

    shells on interior solid faces

    I have thought about this panel from HM13 but that version does not detach all. Don't realize that new version has it. cheers!
  3. maybe: *createmark nodes 1 "by tag name" N-9001 ???
  4. did you verify file path 'C:////Users////////Large Tension Hinge Rebuilt 2.2 Stage 2 Initial_1.fem' ? folder path & file name should not contain space. why did you type many '/ ' ?
  5. tinh

    SPC with curve

    It may be used to define variable load if OS can utilize it, you will see information about that in card information of relevant load types (SPC, SPCD do not, but others may)
  6. Hi, rigid bodies => super stiff FE bodies => super complex (too much dofs, to much solving time) => simplify the bodies, using some dofs (eigen modes) to reduce stiffness => flexible bodies general deformation is combination of eigen modes, normally less than FE dofs because that, only global deformation is considered.
  7. Hi, try specifying output mark for failed elems: *createmark elems 1 displayed hm_getelementsqualityinfo 1 1 2 puts Fails=[hm_getmark elems 2]
  8. This is it: *createmark assems 1 "contains value" name Apples* 1 *createmark elems 1 "by assem id" {*}[hm_getmark assems 1]
  9. Below cmd could work: *createmark comps 1 "contains value" name apples* 1 puts [hm_getmark comps 1]
  10. Thanks @Q.Nguyen-Dai @goncalop please change "puts $buf" by: set fpt [open conns.txt w] puts $fpt $buf close $fpt Because output 400k lines will hang hypermesh
  11. Hi, It's increadible that you are comfortable with matlab but cannot do it by matlab-a very powerful software. The tcl code is like this *createmark elems 1 "by config" quad4 set ids [hm_getvalue elems mark=1 dataname=id] set nodes [hm_getvalue elems mark=1 dataname=nodes] set elems {} set conns {} foreach id $ids {n1 n2 n3 n4} [join $nodes] { set i 0 foreach edge [list "$n1 $n2" "$n2 $n3" "$n3 $n4" "$n4 $n1" "$n2 $n1" "$n3 $n2" "$n4 $n3" "$n1 $n4"] conn {1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4} { if {[dict exists $elems $edge]]} { set e_c [dict get $elems $edge] eval dict lappend conns $id $conn [set ids_ [dict keys $e_c]] foreach id_ $ids_ { dict lappend conns $id_ [dict get $e_c $id_] $id } } if {[incr i]<5} {dict lappend elems $edge $id $conn} } } set buf "" foreach {id c_ids} $conns { foreach conn {1 2 3 4} { if {[dict exists $c_ids $con]} { append buf $id,[dict get $c_ids $conn] } else { append buf $id,0 } } append buf \n } puts $buf
  12. tinh

    interactive 2D mesh

    Of course, you have to write them. I just suggest a flow.
  13. tinh

    interactive 2D mesh

    When you use hm_pushpanel to invoke panel "automesh" to help user to adjust mesh, hm_pushpanel will return soon and not wait for user finish his work. => do not use hm_pushpanel, you need to pack all remained script into hm_setpanelproc example: eval *createmark surfs 1 $::FlangeSurfs set Holes [p_GetHoles surfs 1] hm_entityrecorder surfs on p_SplitHoles $Holes hm_entityrecorder surfs off eval lappend ::FlangeSurfs [hm_entityrecorder surfs ids] hm_setpanelproc { hm_setcollector automesh [hm_getcolnumber automesh 1] surfs hm_initpanel { eval *createmark surfs 1 $::FlangeSurfs hm_activateitem [hm_getitemnumber automesh mesh] } hm_callpanel automesh eval *createmark elems 1 {"by surface"} $::FlangeSurfs p_SolidMap elems 1 }
  14. tinh

    Issue in batchmode

    I don't use batch Could you try with 431=0.1 ?