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  1. tinh

    Export support required.

    If you organize them in a part, from part browser right click on a part and save it in an hm file
  2. Yes i think so. Uniform mesh is a special case, and we need 3 initial nodes Try reducing to 2: 2 init nodes form a vector, looking for an adjacent node that closest to the vector, repeat one by one will help in case of non-uniform And try reducing to 1: from 1 node find adjacents and looking for a theesome that form a minimum angle (feature angle along circumference is min, along cylinder axis is max)
  3. tinh

    Request for an option to export

    Update yours to 2017.2 plz
  4. Seem that I wrote a script to do this?
  5. tinh

    Creation of lattice members

    About decimal dot, when you export, click "export option" and uncheck "remove E from real value" But I think it is not neccessary.
  6. tinh

    Creation of lattice members

    Hi Open temp.fem by notepad and add BEGIN BULK before 1st GRID line
  7. Ask person who talk to you about them.
  8. I don't know Did you try to google them?
  9. If files pkgindex.tcl are there, you need append package's folder path to ::auto_path and then load packages by package require WS::Client refer to my pkgindex.tcl and installer.tcl it helps install packages via $::env(HOME) without affection to hw installation. https://forum.altair.com/topic/16835-update-hypermesh-extensions/?tab=comments#comment-30266
  10. Oh, sorry. I mean 8-digit integer instead of 8-byte int
  11. tinh

    How to create and mesh an ellipse

    Cut ellipsoid by a plane, you'll get ellip Or scale a circle along 1 direction.
  12. I already answer your question. Can you think logically.
  13. Upto 2^32 as I see. But almost solvers handle upto I8 (99,999,999) So if you use hm with IDs higher than I8, you cannot export them.
  14. tinh

    About *createmark

    Hi Use hm_measureshortestdistance2 Easier than *createmark
  15. Use *deletemark To mark them, use *createmark with argument "on plane"