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  1. With solid element, constraint 1 node is not enough.
  2. Yes, it is unneccesary. We can even select inside without masking/exploding/X-section.
  3. Did you confirm unit of force and material parameters?
  4. It just detects holes but not bolts. You need a script to detect bolts. A simple case of bolt has 'hexagon head' that you can use to detect.
  5. Could you share *.fem file? Can you estimate displacement theorically?
  6. Could you show your geometry? Use 'mask' panel to be able to view inside a part
  7. If you constraint 6 dofs of solid element you will see a warning message says that it affects to only 3 dofs. If nodes are shared among solid elem and shell/beam elem, it will affects to 6 dofs. Hypermesh is designed that in order to be useful in many situations.
  8. Hi Did you tr *createmark surfs 1 "by adjacent" ?
  9. Cannot reflect a ref system because its x,y,z will be changed from right hand rule to left hand rule
  10. Hyperview should have an option to plot them in resolved system. Or you have to try creating derived results before plotting
  11. Reasons might be you calculate wrong or hypermesh calculates wrong or optistruct calculates wrong
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