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  1. Yes, I am sorry for the mistake! I mean hm_attributelist mats 3 name @Roshan Shiveshwar if you want a generic way, you will have to filter tokens like E , young in attrib names As i see, attrib names of profiles are not same. That means you should store them in a dict.
  2. Hi Go to hm reference help which guides how to make a script.
  3. Hi You can do it by getting all column values, store them in a list, sort the list
  4. Hi Write a tcl script iterating 1000 times to do it.
  5. Hi Try .mainFrame.center.pw2 sash dragto 0 50 50
  6. Please check component names, are they valid in abaqus? Because i see that abaqus is quite strict about string data
  7. Hi You can use panel "organize" (hot key Shift+F11) to move tetra elements to your component And then assign property, material to the comp.
  8. Hi In hypermesh you can use command hm_getmoi Ex: *createmark elems 1 displayed hm_getmoi elems 1 2 $origin_node_id 2 $local_system_id 0 0
  9. Hi Why do you know that it is not counted? Did you try 1d>admass ?
  10. Hi You can use a script to reverse surface normal. But i suggest you reverse normal of elements after batchmesh, just use panel "normals" in hypermesh to do it
  11. Hi Do they contact each other only, or is there any glue?
  12. Yes, it just indicates "minimum" element row, so if the fillet is wider, BM will mesh it with more rows Which number of row do you want to fix?
  13. Yes we can see that panel "numbers" does not support displaying collector ids. A workaround is to use a title (we are lucky because a title can be attached to a load) A sample script is like below *createmarkpanel loads 1 "Select loads to show IDs:" foreach lid [hm_getmark loads 1] { set cid [hm_getvalue loads id=$lid dataname=collector.id] set tid load_$lid *createmark titles 1 $tid if {[hm_marklength titles 1]} {*deletemark titles 1} lassign [hm_getvalue loads id=$lid dataname=baselocation] x y z lassign [hm_viewproject $x $y $z] X Y Z lassign [hm_getgraphicsarea] gx gy gw gh *titlecreate $tid loads $lid 0 2 1 0 [expr $X/$gw] [expr $Y/$gh] *titlemodify $tid borderon "" 0 0 *titlemodify $tid titletext $cid 0 1 }
  14. I think it is a profesional way!
  15. Hi, Yes i will try if it is similar to HM
  16. Not sure what your final purpose is, but this is my suggestion: If 3d drag panel does not make good numbering, you first duplicate 2d elems then translate them to form layers. Check their nodes number, are they ok? If they are, then use 3d drag to create 3d elems, don't care about their nodes number. Last step: equivalence 3d elems with 2d layers, confirm the option "keep lowest ids" then nodes of 3d will be replaced by nodes of 2d with good numbering.
  17. Yes, you need a little time to be familiar with it. New features just make it more expensive. Once you become familiar with it, you'll get your own procedure to work and feel that new features are not much important.
  18. Hi, I think I found it. In file .../br/common/operations/createentity.tcl Please open it and go to line 70: if { $types == "Assemblies" && $view == "assemhierarchy" } { Please change it to be same as hm2017: if { $types == "Assemblies" } { In hm2019 the line indicates that only assemblyview will show menu items Assembly, Component, Multibody
  19. Before enter the command, pls left click on an assembly on modelview.
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