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  1. If you constraint 6 dofs of solid element you will see a warning message says that it affects to only 3 dofs. If nodes are shared among solid elem and shell/beam elem, it will affects to 6 dofs. Hypermesh is designed that in order to be useful in many situations.
  2. Hi Did you tr *createmark surfs 1 "by adjacent" ?
  3. Cannot reflect a ref system because its x,y,z will be changed from right hand rule to left hand rule
  4. Hyperview should have an option to plot them in resolved system. Or you have to try creating derived results before plotting
  5. Reasons might be you calculate wrong or hypermesh calculates wrong or optistruct calculates wrong
  6. I think it's isn't You can use open source and develop your beam formulation like that I am not sure your purpose. If you want to output results on cylindrical system then posporcessor can do it
  7. Yes, you are correct. In hypermesh tools>masscalc you select only designed PSHELLs to get designed mass, it should be equal to 'mass of design material' in .out file
  8. What is that %? are you sure it is % stress violation? Did you create displacement constraint anywhere? if you set objective is minimum stress and has no constraint, I will create a big size part! I am not sure whether OS also does.
  9. If you don't understand what Farouk Maaboudallah explained above, then I can explain in a simple way: You have a rod with cross section area A=10, and you pull it with force = 1000 then stress is S=F/A = 100 That means stress in linear static only depends on external forces (applied forces, constraints) and size of structure, regardless its material
  10. Hi just create a PSOLID property and assign it to 3d elements
  11. Hi, you can check it easily in hypermesh use mask by attached to hide attached elems, remains are unconnected
  12. Hi, what stress did you plot? only stress components depend on system. If you plot principle stresses, or equivalence stresses (Von Misses, Tresca) then don't care about system
  13. Hi as i understand: 1) - ordinary structure is fixed! K.u = F => can find u = inv(K).F 2) - special structure (rocket, airplane, submarin, floating parts) is not fixed => cannot invert K to find u Overcome? - Optistruct will add inertia forces to balance with F and make SUPORT somewhere to fix floating structure I am not sure about SUPORT, someone explained in this forum, please search the thread.
  14. Hi, what do you mean by at red marking? how did you set up your optimization problem?
  15. Hi I am not sure but you can check it in *.out file
  16. Hi why did you define constraints "stress" simultaneously objective "stress" ?
  17. Hi, sample like this: package require Tk set w [toplevel .output] wm title $w "Output status:" set t [text $w.t] pack $t -fill both -expand yes #output everything you need: $t insert end "script is running at stage #???" Another way, easier, you output status to a text file, as almost FE solvers do (nastran outputs to f06, optistruct outputs to .out , dyna outputs to d3hsp...): set fpt [open output.txt a] puts $fpt "script is running at stage #???" close $fpt use tail.exe to see the newest message
  18. Hi make a 'for' loop and iterate to create bolt. large quantity is not a problem.
  19. Hi, Before creating connectors you should activate entity recorder by using hm_entityrecorder (pls search for usage in reference help or in this forum) Once you have done connectors, you can get them and then use *movemark to move them to the active comp.
  20. Could you try again: set lst_weldcomps [lsearch -all -inline -glob $lst_compNames "*WLD LNS*"] if "*WLD LNS*" has special character other than space, you can filter it by: set lst_weldcomps [lsearch -all -inline -regexp $lst_compNames {.*WLD[:space:]*LNS.*}] or if you are sure that component names don't have WLD and LNS then simply: set lst_weldcomps [lsearch -all -inline -glob $lst_compNames "*WLD*LNS*"]
  21. Hi hm_getaverageelementsize works with 2d elements only. But with a bit thinking you can utilize it with 3d elems (by creating faces of 3d elems, from v2017 hm supports to create interior faces. I think avg size of 2d faces can represent avg size of 3d elems)
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