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  1. Do you see beam shape when select 3d representation?
  2. Clean up geometry Means remove small edges, tiny geoms,...
  3. Everyone can, if he knows google https://www.google.com/search?q=*control_timestep&oq=*control_timestep&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i61j0l3.14528j0j7&client=ms-android-samsung&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  4. Did you explore the configuration file? Is there some relevant codes inside?
  5. tinh


    Please simulate it until equilibrium state and review forces
  6. Assign beam section to 1d elems and recheck. If no section assigned, sometimes graphic becomes abnormal.
  7. 1.Don't *createmark surfs 1 displayed every loop ! 2.Use *nodemodify is faster than *projectmark 3.Ignore associated nodes *createmark elems 1 displayed *findfaces elems 1 *createmark nodes 1 "by comp name" ^faces *createmark surfs 1 displayed *createmark nodes 2 "by surface on mark" 1 *markdifference nodes 1 nodes 2 set nd_list ... => i think much faster
  8. You can select nodes on a direction by *createmark nodes "on plane" Or "by cylinder"
  9. Hi the script is thought about long time ago There are some ways but not actually efficient. First i toggle all green lines to form 1 surf only => project easily, don't need script But sometimes mess up the mesh! Then i loop with each surf to project nodes on them. Mesh is not mess up But script very slow because large number of small surfs Then loop with each node to find closest surface, faster as surf list as shorter (appliable because we can limit surfs in a comp) A script like this Createmark surfs 1 all (or $slist , example: surfs in a comp => faster) Foreach node $nlist ( Createmark node 1 $node Lassign [hm_measureshortestdistance surfs 1 0 0 nodes 1 0 0] => closestSurf x y z Nodemodify $node $x $y $z ) Then i .... am thinking other ways because above one still too long (so usually, i let it run finally, overnight. Tips: If you can divide a big model file to many files, each file has a few comps, above script will run much faster. And by dividing model you can run files on hm sessions simultenously.
  10. Can this model checker do that? I think we need lsdyna solver to check unconstrained nodes in tied contact (like spotweld)
  11. Pls take a video clip and show what you did.
  12. Fem is finite element model, not geometry. You can export geometry to a file (igs, stp) and import it to hypermesh
  13. tinh


    How do you apply 10N? I want to see its curve. Is it final (equilibrium) state of model?
  14. Without param card OS auto activate IR if model not enough SPC With param card .error due to you set it wrong!
  15. That position has a small edge Clean it up before generate mesh
  16. Nastran does not have ply and laminate cards
  17. Use Derived Loadstep Menu results>create
  18. Abaqus model => import into hypermesh => panel geom>surfaces>from FE => export new created surfs to STP, IGS...
  19. Your image is not clear. Pls describe real phenomena of what you are modelling
  20. Convert stl back to solid geometry, Subtract geometry parts Then convert geometry to stl to finish!
  21. Here is an example https://forum.altair.com/topic/18967-hypermesh-140-auto-save-script/?tab=comments#comment-39376
  22. I had a post answering this question. Can you look for it first
  23. Save csv file with data lines like this: Mat1,mid,e,g,nu,rho Then you can import it as *.fem file
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