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  1. Hello sir, When i run my acu solve, in the window it says please check bc_warnings. When i checked there were several errors of the type stated below. From the error i can understand that there is some error in element inside volume_5. but i am not sure what kind of error is this. Can you please help me ... This is the error: *** WARNING: Surface 32421 of element BC "wall tri3 Volume_5 tet4" is in the interior
  2. sir,the link is not opening
  3. I am meshing my pipe and I would like to add intermediate surfaces in a circular pipe.. Please help me with creating interface surfaces inside my pipe
  4. thanks a lot for the right information. also, my doubt is regarding the BC at inflow. The velocity which we specify in x,y,z direction, is it called the total velocity i.e u = u avg +fluc.vel where U = sqrt(ux2+uy2+uz2). So i should specifu velocities in coordinate axis and average velocity U is derived from the above formula. My question is I should get U average as output. so in order to get that as output what should I follow. Also should my turbulence scale and velocity scale be equal..
  5. hello sir, I am solving turbulent flow in a rectangular manifold. my question is in inlet boundary condition i want give velocity as input condition. since my diameter is 1.7 cm I assigned a value of 0.5 m/sec in my z direction. Now i find a tab for average velocity when i opt my turbulence type for intensity and length scale. my question is how much should my value be in average velocity ??? Should my z-direction velocity be equal to the average velocity or something else. Can anyone explain me the concept behind this
  6. Hello sir, is it possible to do through user defined functions in acuprobe.
  7. Hello Sir, I am simulating pipe flow using spallart allmaras model but the output i require is volume averaged kinetic energy of the flow. Since k-epsilon model can't be used in acusolve. How can i solve for my required output through spallart allmaras model. Also i have no clue how to define the physics behind the problem to get the required output. Can you please make some time to answer this and help me. Thank you!!!
  8. Hello Sir I tried to solve accordingly and in 4th page in the document, there is an option called check 2d mesh. In my hypermesh I didn't find it. is there any other way to do this.
  9. Thank you !!! After following the tutorial I did the same steps to my model and I tried to export as parasolid again from hypermesh so that i can import in acusolve for solving. but to my surprise I found this error.. Can you please tell what is this error and how can i debug this !!! Traceback (most recent call last): File "pnlFile.py", line 323, in importFile File "pnlWin.py", line 1440, in readData File "pnlImport.py", line 178, in readData File "pnlImport.py", line 294, in readDataFile File "pnlLoadGeom.py", line 264, in __init__ File "pnlLoadGeom.py", line 293, in readGeom File "pnlLoadGeom.py", line 357, in loadGeomData File "pnlLoadGeom.py", line 705, in readCad File "agsModel.pxi", line 1471, in acugs.AgsModel.createSimModelMap AgsError: There are zero region sets in the model
  10. Dear sir, I am importing para solid files into Acu solve but to run acu solve simulation the parasolid should be of solid type but what i am using is a hollow cylinder to analyze the fluid flow at one inlet and two outlets, similar like Y channel. my query is how i can i make my hollow cylinder of para solid type to analyze in Acu solve.Will it be possible to do my simulation. if not what steps i have to take???
  11. Dear sir, there is also problem of smpd installation while running my acusolve. can you tell me what the issue is.. I tried to import a parasolid and meshed it by defining boundary conditions and mesh attributes but, when i run it in .log file it shows smpd installation error. Please help me in this regard
  12. Dear moderator..thank you for reply.. I tried with the inputs u gave me but the error still pops.up..I have followed the instruction as it is in the given manual to run this tutorial model. Is there any problem if these saved files are in c:/ users/my documents or are there any directory related issues that is giving me this error ..
  13. Traceback (most recent call last): File "prbWin.py", line 619, in plotAll File "prbWin.py", line 905, in createWindows File "prbPlot.py", line 556, in setupPlot File "prbPlot.py", line 1769, in minmaxXY AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'any' I was trying to practice tutorials of acu solve and when i run the simulation, it runs completely but when i plot the above mention error pops up... I am not sure how to understand and do necessary actions..it would be great if you could help me to solve this..This is blower tutorial of acusolve...
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