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  1. Hi tinh, Thank you for the website, but could you be a bit more specific? I can not find there any examples with the pull-down menu. Regards, Peter
  2. Hi Prakash, Thank you for your reply. The section "scripts" of hypermesh documentation describes and gives some examples about the creation of the button on the user page of the utility menu as mentioned in my post above. I am interested in adding of the additonal section e.g. "Macros" in general menu on the top of the application (see version 12) and generate submenu in it to have the better access and organisation of the macros. I would appreciate any additoinal sources. Peter
  3. Hi, Could you provide me some sources or example codes, where I can see the method & commands to write my own menu in Hypermesh? I want to populate the menu list with the macros and access them much easier than under standard User button. Thank you for your advices, Peter
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