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  1. A bit more of information after a day passed working on the model: What I would like to do is to define the element coordinate systems, which are correct, as coordinate systems for the anisotropic property.
  2. Hello all, I am relatively new to hypermesh and I have some difficulties to make my model run. My model is a solid model of an anisotropic material. I have conciously checked the material orientation of the different components thanks to a TCL script that I've been given and all the elements are oriented how they should be. However, when defining the material property, I don't see what I am supposed to do. I have selected the Orientation, UseOrientationId option, which set the value to 0. However, when running the model, it crashes because of this error: ***ERROR: PARAMETER ORIENTAT MUST HAVE A VALUE LINE IMAGE: *SOLID SECTION, ELSET=HMprop_Resin, ORIENTATION = , MATERIAL=Central adhesive *SOLID SECTION, ELSET=HMprop_Resin, ORIENTATION = , MATERIAL=Central adhesive So where should I set that the orientation is the mesh orientation? Thanks in advance,
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