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  1. Hello, I perform topography optimization in hypermesh/optistruct. My model is mostly red. What should I do to reduce red region? In some manual I saw remark that more discrete (less red) designs are obtained with smaller "beadfrac option". I don't know where to change "beadfrac option" parameter. My settings: Minimum width=1.0 draw angle=60 draw height=1.1 buffer zone=checked boundary skip: loads&spc response: beadfrac objective: min beadfrac manual: "Concept design with topology and topography optimization"
  2. Dear Aranmech, How can I load excel csv to load collector? I choose analysis->forces->curve. I don't know where should I load csv data. I'm using HyperMesh v11.0. Best Regards, Roman Król
  3. Hello. I'm looking for examples with topography optimization. Could someone send me some links? Best Regards, Roman
  4. Hello. I try to perform a topography optimization of bandsaw tooth. After I set up design variables, constraints and loads. I obtain strange message: *** ERROR # 1489 *** in the input data: Missing continuation card. Detected while reading line 51 from file .../bandsaw_full_topography2d.fem: "DTPG 1PSHELL 1 2" Does anyone have something similar? My parameters: Response: Volume Objective: min Volume Best Regards, Roman
  5. It is ok. I switched to HyperView automatically and incorrect file has been opened. I have to open *.res file to see stress results.
  6. Hello. How can I include stress and displacements to contour graph in HyperView? I have only densities. I prepare topology optimization (I want to minimize volume with stress constraints). Best Regards, Roman
  7. Hello, I meshed my model and I have shell and solid elements. I want to delete all tria3 elements (shell triangle elements). How can I do it? best regards, Roman Król
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