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  1. Hi- I am curious as to some guidelines on the max number of time steps and the initial time increment for a steady state problem. Initial time increment is 1e10 s but can this be adjusted to improve convergence? My problem is terminated at the max number of time steps rather than converging and terminating. I am new to AcuSolve so I am unsure on how to determine if the problem is converging. I have read some things indicating the Residual and Solution ratios need to be less than the specified convergence tolerance. In one tutorial I did, the convergence tolerance = 0.001 but when I looked at the Residual ratios, they were not less than this value and the solution still converged and terminated before reaching the max number of time steps. Also, the results seemed reasonable for my problem that terminated at the max number of time steps - Should these results be regarded as inaccurate? Any help appreciated!
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