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  1. Hi, I want to know how to read energy graphs. I mean I have plots available,but I am little bit confusing on whether the results showing or correct or not. In general how to predict energy balance curves.Any theoretical answers please?
  2. Hi,

    I need to know what is equivalent boundary condition in optistruct for frictional less support in ansys

    frictional less support= Arrest normal directions only.


    Note:I tried creating spherical system and arresting in x (r)


    But thing is  my appiled surface is not exact sphere.But it will close to sphere

  3. Hi Rahul, Thanks for your reply, But ,I have some doubts in creation for tpl and also it is complicated since it is node based,I think so. Below is my simple need.I need 3d mesh automatically.Since i am using hm file as source file not parametrized file. I have set some parametric based feature(Geometry) on that hm file. Say for an example, If change some length the feature is automatically updated in geometry and so on the process. HM options parameter and feature.
  4. Hi, I am doing some vbration study in optistruct.For that i need some parametric optimization in hyperstudy. I have created features and parameters in hm and if i change the length in parameter it is updated in geometry and 2d shell tria mesh. But 3d mesh will not updated. I need it because in hyperstudy the source file is hm file Is there any other way to do the same
  5. Hi, I want to create a rigid body in optisrtuct Can i use more value in youngs modulus or any other way???
  6. Hi, I have performed non linear quasi static (Bolt Pretension load) analysis for 3 element sizes 2mm 1mm 2mm localy refined with 0.5 mm my results will be like displacement 0.142,0.135,0.133 (decreasing when fining mesh size) stress p1 major (advanced avg, corner data,no midside results) that also (decreasing when fining mesh size) Now my question is when decreasing element size the values must higher correct?? can u any one help me on this its wrong or correct?? Regards, Mohan
  7. Hi, I have run a simulation in cluster optistruct 14. In my out file, If Iopen by using notepad,,It is not aligned properly. How to solve this
  8. Hi, I have some doubt in failure criteria . How time step for element is calculated. If i set 1e-8 ,,,some element failed,how to control that one. some what i have controlled by adjusting length. 0 elems failed.And also i am getting (incomplete material for 1 element),how to correct that one.
  9. Hi, How to pick set of components in hyperview. similarly as D short cut in hyprmesh
  10. Hi , can someone provide me the link for MVP toolbar hyperview and also how to install the same
  11. Hi Rahul, Thats not working when i assign everything in beam section Any other option
  12. Hi, I am having tcl file which will create beam sections according to thickness. If i assign material in beam section. How can i check by material view and also property view.?
  13. MOHAN7789


    Hi, I am doing impact analysis, I want to make sure in bcs manager invel card...What is the unit of time in that option?? And also in eng run card what is the unit of time What material i can assigned for Impacter (It is rigid means material law? How can i corelate energy results Can any one help me??
  14. Hi, I want to find out unbalanced force in rotating fan. How to simulate this in MBD? How to generate unbalanced force and its location Can u pl suggest me any tutorials or ideas.. Regards, Mohan
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