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  1. Hi,Thanx for the reply. I got the .osi file. Its an integrated surface output file generated via AcuOut>Table > surface output integrated
  2. Hi Prashant, I am also facing similar problems wrt Hyperstudy and Acusolve. Still working on it. Also, it'd be great if you can help me out with the below, Consider the tutorial 1535 in Hyperstudy, instead of shape parameterization, i would like to know 1. how to parameterize the Inflow for different BCs (like mass flux e.g I would like to vary the mass flux and study the Pressure drops) - this can be done manually but how to do it in Hyperstudy 2. how to set up different responses(as you have stated)
  3. Hi, I am new to Hyperstudy and this forum Can anyone help me out in the following. In HSt 1535 - coupling Acusolve,Hypermorph, Hyperstudy the file pipe_srf.osi file is generated. I am not getting this file after the Base run is completed though the approaches/m_1 folder is created. What i have is a managed information file What is this .osi file and how is it generated? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Arun
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