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  1. Thanks Alessio. It is interesting that we check here.
  2. Hi Darad, I agree with you some points and I also recognize Simlab have some limitation besides some beauty. But we should accept this, we cannot request Simlab change following our way. For your case, I think you can setup LBC, then export to *.fem file, then edit text the setup manually then run in Optistruct Deck. That is HyperMesh style.
  3. Hi, My models have many RBE2 and RBE3. Sometimes I want to check if my colleague setup RBE2 or RBE3 correctly. How to know this? In Output dialog, it also does not mention clearly? Edit RBE also do not contain this information?
  4. Thanks Nantha This is crash analysis (not frequency response), we usually plot kinetic/total/hourglass energy vs time (not vs frequency). This data is in T01 file. I think Simlab XY plot only can import *.csv file. T01 is binary file. Transient animation result also need a lot of time to load. Very slow. I think I should come back HV/HG for crash simulation and wait for future Simlab version.
  5. Hi Daniil, Do you know how to use Simlab (another solid meshing tool of Altair)? Simlab have "include" Mesh control which can solve your problems in minutes. You can go to Simlab forum and ask help.
  6. You can use Inspire Studio or Evolve to render h3d result. They use THEA RENDER inside which is pretty fast. (faster than V-RAY). https://solidthinking.com/product/inspire-render/
  7. Hi Santhos, Thanks for your great help. I will try to follow your suggestion.
  8. I use both Python(for Simlab customization) and TCL(for HyperMesh). In my opinion, Python is helpful for data management with OOP (of course it will be faster) and the syntax is easier than TCL. However, HyperMesh have supported many TCL API to interact with HM. We can use a lot of those API functions easily, no need to create our code again. This helps create script very quickly. Integrate Python in HyperMesh is easy but write a huge API functions need a lot of effort. I use Simlab Python but found many limitation because there are not so much API functions. I use Abaqus/Ansys Python but also found many limitation. So, Python or TCL does not matter. The important is supported API functions under CAE software. HW will support Python because they serve some trend. For me, I do not need. I need API more than Python.
  9. After run Radioss impact analysis, I do not know how to plot energy curves of impact analysis in SL? I can use with HV/HG, I would like to know SL can do directly?
  10. Hi all, I want to run simulation for some similar models (design 1, design 2, design 3). I can record and play xml or python script. However I can not automate apply load & bc. Could you advise or any example for this?
  11. You can create 2 mesh control to refine 3D mesh: 1) Region mesh control with smaller element size 2) Create Body Mesh control. Then generate surface mesh >> Solid mesh (You should choose small grow rate = 1.1 or 1.2, default = 2) I think convergence study tools are just used for some "nice" & "Easy" cases. If high stress is near constraints, how to refine automatically?
  12. Thanks Santhos. This is exact function I am looking for.
  13. Hi, Sometimes, I need to sync view b/w 2 Simlab windows to easily compare b/w design 1 & design 2(similar design 1). May I know if I can save View as file then I can Import View to another model (same position in space)? HyperView can sync view to compare b/w 2 models.
  14. Can you share your model? I think you should check off "Optimized" when you exported from HM.
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