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  1. Hi, When I run a Python script, it will generate some text output. I do not know how to clear them to easily check output from another script. Similar "cls" command in Windows command. Could you advise? Thanks
  2. Thanks Alessio for your ideas create group and assign group automatically. I usually use SELECT features approach but I am even lazier and I am thinking how to do faster for similar parts. Perhaps AI
  3. Oh. That is great. I do not know that "EDGE" remesh! Great ideas.
  4. Thanks Alessio very much. Your comment is excellent!
  5. Hi SL experts, Simlab Mesh control is very powerful function to generate good mesh and less dof. I created many Mesh Control templates but when apply it for new similar CAD geometry, I must select surfaces and assign MC manually again. May I know if there are any better approaches to do it more automatically or semi-auto? Such as: auto recognize and organize into group with radius information table near by or can show multiple dimensions. Now I have to to many try and errors. Thank you very much.
  6. Thank you Kamalraj for your great solutions.
  7. Hello all, I created some Python scripts but now I want to assign it on some buttons so that I can use frequently. May I know how to do this in Simlab? P.S: In HyperMesh, assign TCL script to HM button/menu is easily.
  8. Hello experts, I face with serious problems when run HM 2019 on Windows 10 (hminvokeconfig.zip). My Desktop(Win 10) is totally new and has AMD graphic card(R5 M 315). Since it is new then nothing to clean-up (Delete some temp files on working folder or User location) as you often recommend. May I know your advice for this?
  9. I faced this issue sometimes. Please delete this folder and restart HM. Sometimes, you need to reinstall HM.
  10. Sorry. I already found the solutions for my question. Use 'r --" instead of 'r','--'
  11. Hi Compose Experts, I tried to plot curves with both option 'color' & dash line '--'. But it does not work and sometimes software crashes and suddenly shut down. Thanks for your input and advice. clc; close all; x = 0:0.1:30; y1 = sin(x) figure(1) plot(x,y1) y2=0.5*sin(x) figure(3) %hold on plot(x,y2,'r','--') xlabel ('t') ylabel ('Signal') title ('test sine curve')
  12. This is very important request. Many OEM need this function but Altair have not developed.
  13. 5tf = 5 ton force = 5 x 9.81x1000 (N)
  14. Hi HF experts, When I organize surface into Die/Punch/Binder with InspireForm 2019, I have to manually select each single surfaces. It is quite inconvenient. May I know which setting allows me to select with rectangle mouse so that I can choose multiple faces faster? Thank you.
  15. I already found the answers for those queries: 1) Same: + HyperForm(HF) and Inspire Form (IF) use same solver which is Radioss Explicit. 2) Difference: + IF uses new GUI and New/Easy/Interactive process. It is very fast and easy for new learners. However, IF do not support for optimization yet as HF. + IF have more material on data base (support different standard such as JIS, EU, AMES). Users can easily to add their customed material. + IF require a lot of memory during running, it is not suitable for low end desktop/computer. Sometimes, it is not stable yet.
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