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  1. Hi Acusolve pro, My company has just implemented Micro Trend Antivirus system recently in whole organization. However, our CAE department cannot open AcufieldView because Trend Micro prevent running *.bat file. May I know any ways to run AcufielView directly rather than using BAT file? Thank you!
  2. Hi, May I know how to straighten lines when drawing sketch in ST inspire?
  3. Thanks Prakash, After reset (Delete some files in working folder) HM, I can rotate model normally. But I still cannot show/hide comps when stay in "add solid faces". However, I already created a script to do this very quickly (4 clicks to create contact group+select master/slaver+contact type). Default HM may requires 20 mouse clicks.
  4. alpha

    How to export ST inspire to *.fem file?

    Thanks Rahul for your suggestion. I will keep in mind this. Actually, it takes sometimes to complete generating the meshing. My model is quite big(truck frame). After the green flag appeared, click on that I already have correct *.fem file. P.S: ST Inspire is very useful tools for my creating new design (small or big structure). I am just surprised that there are not so many questions/discussions anywhere else except for Altair Support forum. Thanks a lot of Altair support forum.
  5. Hi, When I add "element" for surface contact in entities editor, I cannot rotate/pan or show/hide components to easily select. Could you have any better method to do this? Many thanks
  6. Hello, I am running ST inspire optimization (v2018.1) but it takes quite long time for computation on my desktop machine. I want to submit optimization job on cluster but unable to Export *.fem file on RUN dialogue as help. The file size is Zero after export. I am not sure any requirement on setting preference or this is a bug on v2018.1
  7. Thanks Prakash for your very fast response as usual. So, it means that accuracy and computation speed is same. So could you advise when we use SET_ELEM, when we use contact_surface?
  8. Hi, To define contact pair (group) in O.S I often create contact surface then create contact group. It takes me a lot of time to choose contact surface for some part. There is another option, I create set (SET_ELEMENT), then point to elements (by collector) to select all. It is a bit faster because I can script. However, I am newbie and not sure which method is better about computation speed or accuracy? Could you advise?
  9. Hi HW experts, I am doing stamping analysis for solid mesh (pipe). However, I just found few materials for SOLID in Hyperform. I also do not know where to find the input paramters for Hill MMC - law 72 in RADIOSS although try to search on the internet. Could you advise for this problem?
  10. Thank you StuDes so much for your detail explanation!
  11. alpha

    Single action vs double action

    Thank you very much Ms. StuDes
  12. Hi all, I am running some stamping simulation with Hyperform but I do not really understand what is different b/w R-Mesh, B-Mesh and Automesh functions? and Adaptivity level (Should be 2 or 3)? I feel so weird when running some model using R-Mesh option (very "bad" mesh quality) but it is still runable. However, I try to create good mesh with "AutoMesh" function but it is not converged.
  13. Hi HF experts, I am new to Hyperform and feel a bit difficult to understand the concepts - "Single action" v.s "Double" action in Hyperform. Which cases should we use "Single" and when should use "Double"?
  14. alpha

    spring back effect of clamp

    Can you share with us your model and how do you bend blank? and material?
  15. Hello Hyperform users, I run Hyperform jobs directly on HF environments but it always use only 1 CPU after I restart HyperForm. HF always forget my setting " 'noh3d -nproc 4' after it restarts. Do you know how to solve this issue?