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  1. Hi, May I know how to change number of column guides view mode in EDITOR? It sounds default is always 20 characters. I want 8 for solver format.
  2. Hi, I can create outer surface mesh of tetra solid by below commands. But may I know how to create outer surface mesh without delete solid mesh because I afraid that when I create tetra mesh again, it may be not same the previous result.
  3. Hi, May I know how to split all sides of plate elements as below pictures? In HyperMesh:
  4. If you use HM 2019, you can use "VIEW by Element quality" Then right click on color panel >> Edit Criteria >> Check off unwanted criteria Or left mouse click on SIZE to isolate view Size failed elements. Click on it one more, it will show all criteria
  5. Please find the attached for your reference Block_Acc_5g_Excite.fem
  6. Thanks Alessio for your solutions. So, if I want to separate Rotation Center and Rotation, I will use HM setting.
  7. Hi, When I operate the model, it always change the Rotating Center when I rotate model by Middle mouse on the model. May I know how to fix rotating center of model?
  8. Hi Santhos, Thanks for your comments. It sounds great feature. However, I am unable to generate Solid (tetra or Hex+Penta) as your picture. May I know what is input for this function? + Input should be Watertight surface mesh? or some gaps is OK? + Input must be no intersection? It accepts only single model only right?
  9. I am run some acoustic analysis (infinite element). May I know if Simlab has any functions to create mesh for this kind of analysis?
  10. Hi, I have to create many contact pairs for my model. There are many curvature area, I want to select surface mesh faster as below picture. In HM, I just key in 60-80 deg for feature angle, it can select all. May I know where I can key in the feature angle in Simlab? Or any other methods to do this faster? Cou
  11. Currently, I often use HV to open hist.mvw to see this.
  12. Hi, Any one can advise how to plot and see the convergence curve when running in Simlab Nonlinear/Optimization job? Thanks.
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