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  1. Hi Alessio. I have another question for "Along fillet mesh size", it should be same global mesh size or 0.5 or 1.5 global mesh size?
  2. I often use Fillet mesh control for my FE model. However, I feel that "Geometry Approximation" often generates better mesh quality. So I am not sure when we should use No. of elements? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I often use SL to create some solid mesh then export/import to HM. May I know how to export the "displayed" body/model to *.fem then I can import to HM quickly? I can open RUN folder to import *.fem to HM but need many clean-up after import. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I am not sure I changed any setting so that I cannot see the computation progress in SL 2020 any more. Any advice will be appreciated very much!
  5. Thanks Kamalraj for your information. I will contact with Altair about this.
  6. Thanks Adriano for your advice. I will try this.
  7. May I know if anyone can share the result of computation also? I do not have Linux OS to run this job? but I am very interested in this simulation
  8. Hi, I am trying to learn NanoFluidx in Simlab 2020 but I am unable to see the profile as SL 2019.3. May I know how to activate this? Do I have to install any separated package?
  9. Automatically means: I open both Simlab and HyperMesh. Now I expect, just hit one button then the Solid Mesh appear in HyperMesh. I think it is not easy! My model includes complex shell mesh. I do not think Simlab can handle mid mesh well. I know Mesh Control in HyperMesh but I do not need mesh control. The problem of solid mesh in HM, it try to catch all small close edges. Simlab Surface mesh is enough. It can suppress small adjacent edges pretty well so that it can create good mesh faster.
  10. Hi, I often mesh and setup analysis with HyperMesh (impact analysis). My models have many shell and solid parts. I found Simlab solid tetra mesh is faster and easier than HM. I often mesh in SL then export and import to HyperMesh. May I know if we have any solutions to export Solid Mesh from Simlab to HyperMesh automatically?
  11. My models have many bolt-holes. I use RBE2 to make connection. However, it is very inconvenient whenever I create new RBE2, I have to update Property (rigidbar, rb2) and I also have to add to my solution again. In HyperMesh, I creat create RBE2/RBE3 and do not care about the properties of them? May I know if there is any ways to create new created RBE2 without define properties and it can be update on current Solution automatically? Thanks
  12. Thanks Kamalraj. It works but it is very slow for very simple model.
  13. Thanks Kamalraj for your great support. I can extrude edges successfully.
  14. I found some options here but it does not work
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