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  1. Hi Junta, How you solve this problem? I'm facing the same problem. Do you generate finer volume mesh? Regards
  2. HI Rahul, I'm facing the same problem, how this .osi file created? What is the content of the file? expression or value?
  3. Hi, For version 13, can we setup que setup for running few acusolve files in the server? Is it programming needed? Thank you
  4. Yes, I need to have external border to compute projected area. Tried manually by check intersection but not successful. Any idea?
  5. Hi, How to calculate car's frontal area in Hypermesh? I'm tried project the whole car surfaces into a plane. However, those surface intersect with each other which cause calculation of area does not true. Thank you
  6. Hi, Where can I find 'node tolerance' setting? I'm having problem to remesh element into smaller size. Thanks
  7. Hi all, How to measure or plot boundary surface of x-wall shear stress in AcuFieldView? The equation is, T= U (delta u/ delta y) T= wall shear stress U= dynamic viscosity u= velocity y= distance Any idea how to compute (delta u/ delta y)? Thanks
  8. Hi, How to calculate volume (in m3) of closed surface? thanks
  9. Regarding question 2, if we setup specular transmissivity = 0.35, specular reflectivity = 0.05 and emissivity = 0.6 what is value of absorptivity? Thanks
  10. Regarding question 2, if we setup specular transmissivity = 0.35, specular reflectivity = 0.05 and emissivity = 0.6 what is value of absorptivity? Thanks
  11. Hi, In the solar radiation model mentioned that: specular transmissivity + diffuse transmissivity + specular reflectivity + diffuse reflectivity + absorptivity = 1 The questions are: 1) In Acuconsole, absorptivity does not need to specify. So, is it means that it is automatically generated based on above equation? E.g: 0.5+0+0.2+0+absorptivity=1 Is it means that absorptivity value automatically = 0.3?? 2) Is it emissivity value must be equal to absorptivity value?? Thanks Sorry for my english..
  12. Hi, I'm studying FSI loadcase using own model and having few problems. Need recommendation or idea how to solve this. 1) AcuConsole stop running and shut down suddenly when transfer 'simple BC' from Radios result in Eigenmode Manager. What could be happened? 2) I'm having below error when acuPrep is running, any idea what is the problem? Processing SIMPLE_BOUNDARY_CONDITION( "Part1" ) acuPrep: *** ERROR: Parameter nodal_x_modes is unspecified acuPrep: *** ERROR: Parameter nodal_y_modes is unspecified acuPrep: *** ERROR: Parameter nodal_z_modes is unspecified Thanks Regards
  13. Hi, Can we convert op2 file result which is in unit (MPa & milimeter) into (Pa & meter)? Or, must rerun with desired unit? Thanks regards
  14. Hi, I'm having problem with transfer radioss result of modal analysis (eigenmode) into model in AcuConsole. Animating of radioss result show different scale with model in AcuConsole. Then, when transfer AcuConsole suddenly shutdown. I'm suspecting the different of default unit used between both solver which cause different scale. Radios unit:- kPa density = tonne/mm^3 AcuConsole unit:- Pa density = kg/m^3 Anyone have idea how to solve this? Can or not rescale radioss result into compatible AcuConsole unit? Or need to run modal analysis with acuconsole unit? Thanks
  15. Hi, I already setup material properties with value according SI unit as below: E = in pascal (Pa) NU = unitless Density = kg/m^3 Then, run modal analysis. But has below error. A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** ERROR # 2023 *** ADAMS MNF file creation requires DTI,UNITS card. *** Run terminated because of error(s) in the input data. Anyone can help, what is wrong actually? Thanks
  16. Hi, Can I change the default unit of milimeter (mm) into meter (m)? and how to do it? Thanks
  17. Yes, I'm unable the Surface Nodal output.. Now its working.. Thank you
  18. Hi, How to export mesh either surface mesh or volume mesh into .nas? Or any type of file for FE purpose Thanks
  19. Hi ydigit, Follow Output format = Table > Surface Output (Nodal) > Surface Name.. But no variables show up. And this warning come out ''acuTranse cannot be called, as the Time Steps is not available for this problem'' Is there any setting needed before can use above method? # Sorry, I have problem to attached a screen shoot picture Thanks
  20. Hi all, How can I export drag force on a surface to Abaqus or nastran? To use drag force as force/loading to strength analysis. Or how to export drag force to Tecplot file (*.tpl or *.dat)? Thanks
  21. How to specify mass fraction of water vapor using species setting?
  22. Hi all, For a simulation that need to run in an ambient temperature e.g -18oC. Where should I setting this physic? at 'Nodal_Initial_Condition' temperature or 'absolute temperature offset' at Problem description? Thank you Regards
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