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  1. Thank you for answer NSKRTLUS. It dosn´t work.
  2. Hello, is it possible to make a video that show the deformation in steps with a changing element stresses? I mean for every deformationstep the stress, that belong to it. My current Video show the deformation in different steps but the element stresses are the max stresses. Thank you for help.
  3. Hello, how can i create an parabolic pyram 13 or an parabolic tetra 10 - mesh? I can create an linear tetra 4 or an linear pyram 5- mesh with the volume-tetra-mesh-panel but i can´t find how to change the elments to parabolic. Thanks for help BeMa
  4. BeMa86


    Hello, how can i check the weight of my model? Materialproperty [ROH] is assigned. Best regards BeMa
  5. Now i create a .mpcf file. In Hyperview i can´t display the Nodeforces.... what kind of resultreader i need for an .mpcf file? I use HyperMesh Result Reader. where can i display the nodeforces??? contour?
  6. I try this.... file:///C:/Program%20Files/Altair/12.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?mpcforces.htm
  7. Hello, is it possible to outpute the Elementforce of RBE2 elemens and make a vectorplot like SPCF? In ControlCards >> Global_Output_Request>> ELFORCE the forceresults are not available for RBE2-Elements. I test a vectorplot of cbeam-elements but it dosn´t work like SPCF.... In ELFOCE i select FORMAT(1)=H3D and for ELFORCE_V1(1)=all, all other options are blank. Any mistake? Best regards BeMa
  8. Hello, i modelling a contact between shell-elements and solids. I create a control card >>GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST>>CONTF with the selected options: FORMAT(1)=h3d TYPE(1)=ALL OPTION(1)=All How can i display the Contactforces in HyperView? Best regards BeMa
  9. Hello together, i have a nonlinear static model setup of shell elements. How can i display the plastic strain? Best regards BeMa
  10. BeMa86


    Hello, i want to design a bearing. In this bearing is a bolt with a radial force. How can i realize the herzsche compression? best regards Bene
  11. Hello, i dont understand, how i assign the property with the card image PCONT? Is it use like other properties: rightklick/assign?
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