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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there is a possibility to open the results of a FE analysis with another program other than hyperview. Or if it is possible to export the results file with contour plots to an 3d pdf or somthing similar? thanks, diego
  2. anyone ?? I really need to convert shells to solid. How do I get this Aerospace profile??
  3. I know how to export solids into iges or step. But my problem is that my shells are not solids and I dont have the aerospace profile. How can I get the aerospace profile?
  4. I created a composite failure response for all plies and the created a constraint with a max. upper bound of 1. Here is the error I get: A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** ERROR # 1807 *** Composite failure responses are applied to ply 1 which belongs to a topology or free-size domain.
  5. Hi Prakash, I have only the student version, since I am using hyperworks 14 for my master thesis. I dont find the aerospace profile. Is it also in the student version? best regards, Diego
  6. Thanky for your reply Rahul, does this mean that using a static stress with composites is wrong? I tried making a failure response of composite elements and a constraint for maximum failure, but I get some error saying that failure response is not allowed in optimization. Could it be that the Student Version doesnt support failure response and constraint?
  7. thank you for your reply, unfortunately this does not help me very much. Since I dont want to export the information of the thickness. What I want is to export some sort of file (best would be iges or step) with a 3D model of the visualization of the thickness of the plys. Like when you press the button for 3D visualization of 2D elements and you can see all plies and their thickness. Is there a way of converting this 3D visualization into a solid or stl file? thank you in advance Diegoz
  8. Hi, I have been doing some size and composites optimizations and have been working with 2D elements. I want to export the geometry including the results of the thickness of my elements/plys to visualize in other prgramms (eg iges, step). Is this possible? if so how? thanks Diego
  9. Thank you for your reply Prakash, I still have one question regarding this tutorial, maybe aou can help me. Why are they defining before the continuous size optimization a static stress response and constraint? And what does major principal and both surfaces mean? wouldnt it make more sense to define a composite stress response? thanks in advance, Diego
  10. I think I found a solution, but please correct me if im wrong! In the tutorial it says to import the .desvar file after the continuous size optimization. Which didnt contain the new ply thikness and therefore the modell remained the same. I tried importing the .prop file and this does contain the optimized continuous ply thikness so now i can work with the continuous size optimization results. Please confirm and if it is like I say let me know so I can inform someone to correct the tutorial. cheers
  11. Hi, I've been doing some composite optimization and i'm having problems going from the continuous size optimization to the discrete size optimization. I read the tutorial and watched the video for the example of the Formula-Student-Monocoque but it hasnt helped me. So after I run the optimization of the continuous size optimization, I dont know what to open next. In which file are the resultes with the new changed conitous size plys? If I open the FEM file the plys are the same as before. Even in the tutorial files for the monocoque the file: "06_size_konti_complete" is the same as "07_size_discrete" ( apart from the changed TMANUF). So i dont understand why to do the continuous size optimization at all if they dont use the results. Do I need to change some control cards settings maybe, to get a file with the results? I hope you understand my porblem, Best regards Diego
  12. Thank you for your reply! They were not temp nodes but it is a solid element. so i guess that is the problem. i solved it exactly as you said with the rigid elements. thank you
  13. the moments applied on the body seem to be turned off somehow. i have tried changing the nodes where they are acting and even the magnitud. still after the analysis the body shows no stress nor displacement, as if the moments wouldnt exist. does anyone know what my problem could be?
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