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  1. hi i do this but i getthe same error for another element ?? how to fix all element ? what i do ? thanks
  2. hi some one can help me and give me a good tutorial or solution step by step to fix this problem ? http://www.cjoint.com/c/EGxpcd4qF04 thanks
  3. Hi Prakash Pagadala thank you for your help , i resolve my error , but i have this new message : http://cjoint.com/?ECynJwZOW6u can you help e please thanks
  4. Hi i do your advice and i get a new message : http://cjoint.com/?ECxoqZr70NF ??
  5. thank you for your response i use PSOLID property and i when assign my property, and run analysis i have this message : http://cjoint.com/?ECuorLESCgI
  6. hi i have this errors help me please
  7. hi i try to calculate displacement and stress for this structure http://cjoint.com/?ECfxloSZeoh i dont have an error but Hyperview give me every time zero for displacement and stress i think my error is in my mesh i mesh this structure with tetramesh solid volume tetra some one can help me to rectify my error thanks
  8. Rahul Ponginan i can't see your checklist ? thank you
  9. Re i dont understand why you want delete component : tmp_2d_for_tetra.1 because it represent my mesh ? whene i delete this component i get the similar error its logic because i delete element mesh help me please thank you
  10. Hi i have this error http://cjoint.com/?ECcsdgVORuj *** ERROR # 61 *** No elements found in the input data. i use material steel my proprerty is http://cjoint.com/?ECcskSXUCi3 and whene i change type in 3D he alwase became all i mesh this structure by http://cjoint.com/?ECcsn4yKf7K my element type are http://cjoint.com/?ECcsqgARFR7 help me please thanks
  11. hi i chek an exemple same as this PDF : http://cjoint.com/?EBAuV5Z6z5j but i use Hypermesh 12 you know tutorials same as this PDF thank you
  12. HI how Revert to the older driver and try with the environment variables instead. thanks
  13. thnk you for your reply i use Hypermesh 12 and i dont get this option : http://cjoint.com/?EByq1JDkGgR in RADIOSS block120 my questions is : 1)where i can get this option in hypermesh 12 2) where i can get some exemples to use this options thanks
  14. hi i try to do what you conseil me , but when i instal update driver for my graphic card i get this probleme when i lunch hypermesh : http://cjoint.com/?EByo6oguVtu when i clic ok i get this message http://cjoint.com/?EByo7e9GsdC thanks
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