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  1. Thanks Rahul, for the video. It seems like manual hole filling is the only option? Any reason why the Hole Fill option does not work? I am asking because I will be dealing with a large number of situations like this so it would obviously be more convenient if this hole filling process can be a little bit more automated. Thanks a lot. Wensong
  2. Hi, Are you using partial remeshing? I remember I encountered similar problems when only remeshing part of my mesh. The problem is gone once remesh the entire mesh. Cheers, Wensong
  3. .hm file attached. Thank you. hole in shellmesh.hm
  4. Tried Fill Hole. It doesn't work for my cases. Any other suggestions? Cheers
  5. I figured it out just now. I was using HyperMesh Desktop rather than HyperMesh. There is no utility menu in the desktop version. Thanks!
  6. I don't seem to have it for some reason. Any idea?
  7. I would like to check the Fill Hole feature but couldnt seem to find the Utility menu. Could you upload a screenshot to help me locating the menu? Your help is much appreciated. Wensong
  8. Thanks Rahul, so automatic void filling is available if voids are on the same plane as surrounding elements? which feature is it? Cheers
  9. Hi, I sometimes encounters mesh voids in my simulations (see figure attached), and was wondering if there are features to semi-manually or automatically fill the voids or gaps with elements? Thanks in advance. Wensong
  10. I wish that could be possible. I am running large deformation FE simulations with frequent remeshing to eliminate mesh distortions (such as the one in this problem). These 'bad' meshes are unfortunately the products of previous FE increments so it is not really controllable. Anyway, let see if others have solutions to the automation of problem detection and fixing.
  11. hahah, no doubt. I however have too many meshes like this for me to deal with so it would be fantastic if there is a tcl or command line I can use to spot the problems and even fix them.
  12. Hi Nguyen-Dai, Thanks for the reply. Yup, I know. I was however wondering if there is a way to identify this sort of problem automatically without having to manually inspect the model? Thanks Wensong
  13. Hi, I have been trying to convert a surface shell mesh to a solid tetra mesh using the tetra mesh feature (see attached .hm file). "Topo Err: A join 2d region has no unique outer <2 found>" error was encountered and caused the abortion of solid mesh generation. I was wondering if it is possible to identify exactly which element(s) are problematic? and if there is a way to automatically clean up surface shell meshes? Many thanks, Wensong surface shell mesh problem.hm
  14. Hi there, I wonder if there is any update on this problem? is it likely to be fixed in next release? Thanks, Wensong
  15. Hi, I used the "Tetra Mesh" function to generate a 3D tetramesh from a surface shell mesh (tria elements). However, I noticed that after the tetramesh was generated. The surface shell mesh remains. Is it possible to somehow remove the tria shell elements while/after generating the tetra mesh? I have a nodeset that I would like to retain over this process. I tried generating the tetra mesh in a separate component and then delete the original shell mesh component to keep the tetra elements only. However, the nodeset was also deleted after removing the shell mesh. Cheers, Wensong
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