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  1. How do I import .cdb file (meshed Hypermesh file) in Ansys Workbench for solving? Please help.
  2. Sorry I didn't get what you say. I want to import a meshed assembly file from Hypermesh to Ansys Workbench. How do I do it?
  3. I have a model of chassis of a truck. I need to perform stress analysis on it in Ansys. Is there any problem importing a Hypermesh file to Ansys Workbench? How do I import it on workbench? Is it possible to do the same on Ansys APDL? PS: Since it is an assembly file with 19 components, I've been told that solving in APDL will be difficult & inaccurate. Kindly help.
  4. Thanks Prakash. I'll try the the HyperWorks 13.0. Hope the interface will be similar.
  5. Is there anything that I can do to install it directly on Windows 8?
  6. I had successfully installed Hypermesh 11 on Windows 7 PC. However when I tried installing the same on Windows 8 laptop, I got the following error: "Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported The installer cannot run on this UI mode. To specify the interface mode, use the -i command-line option, followed by the UI mode identifier. The valid UI mode identifiers are GUI, Console & Silent" Kindly help. Thanks
  7. I'm working on meshing of a truck chassis frame assembly. This assembly contains various components which are repeated in the assembly body. How do I copy meshing of a one component and apply it to other component? (For example, the assembly contains 10 connecting plates. So can I mesh one plate and just copy the meshing to 9 other plates?)
  8. I'm working on a project on stress analysis of a typical truck chassis frame. I need to mesh the chassis which contains 400 components, mostly nuts, bolts & washers. Can I eliminate all the nuts, bolts & washers for simplified meshing? Will it have an effect on the result? Kindly help as I'm finding it difficult to mesh 400 components. Thank you (:
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