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  1. Hi, Rahul Per your suggestion, I have deleted the files recommended and have had HM reinstalled, however, the problem persists. Shortly after your reply, I submitted a portion of the model to the secure dropbox. Is there an avenue to get feedback on any findings stemming from the dropbox submission? I thank you, Kegan
  2. Update: Shrinkwrapping will not work in our model's case. Also, a RAM increase from 6GB to 16GB made no difference in the prevalence of crashing. Thanks
  3. I appreciate your responses. I'm afraid I'll be unable to simplify the geometry to any useful degree; this model is for research and the geometry is rather important. To clarify the source of the crashes: The crashes were most prevalent (up to 40 times in a 6-hour sitting) when using the Creat Surface function from FE. In some cases, creating a surface from as few as 6 shell elements caused a crash. The program then began crashing when projecting nodes to these surfaces, although much less frequently than when creating the surfaces. When selecting the surfaces, the program often crashed. Currently, I'm attempting to use the 'creat node on surface' function. Again, selecting the surfaces causes the program to stop responding. It seems that any function in which a surface is created or selected, the program has a high chance of crashing. Hours and hours were spent on this model prior to this surface issue without problem; and even now the program runs flawlessly, assuming no surfaces are in play. The geometry was obtained through an array of micro-CT scans -> Amira -> HyperMesh. I will explore the feasibility of shrinkwrapping with my advisor. Thank you
  4. I'm currently using constructing a medium-sized (~50,000 elements) model in HyperMesh. The program ran without issue until a few months into the project. Once the Surface function began to be used to project nodes, the issue arose. When creating a surface (sometimes consisting of as few as 5 shell elements) from a set of fairly average 2D elements, the program would stop responding and I would be prompted with a Windows warning telling me the program is closing and that it cannot be recovered. The crashing of HM would progressively get worse; the program would then begin crashing when using the Project function (when highlighting the surfaces, most often), and when using the Nodes function (i.e. creating nodes on a surface). The crashing is linked to surfaces in all cases. I do not believe it is a RAM issue, as the model worked well even when it consisted of 300,000 elements and the computer runs ANSYS without issue. Are surfaces (during creation or selection) a common cause of HM not responding and is there any way to mitigate these crashes? The program does not close to Desktop; it freezes and a Windows warning appears. The attached picture shows the program not responding while attempting to create nodes on a surface. Thank you
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