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  1. Hey Prakash, unfortunately, local support (Germany) does not have a Matlab license, which is why they are not really able to provide help. We found out that the error "-300" comes from a crash by HyperWorks and is returned to Matlab.
  2. Hello, I set up the cosimulation from the tutorial (inverted pendulum). In the end, it worked and I could adjust both, matlab and hyperworks Model for a SISO-control design. However, I fail to set up a co-simulation with my own model. I tried to connect a Hyperworksmodel (revolution shaft cam from the motionview tutorial) with a matlab model (providing just a sine offset and one output). By running the motionsolve model and creating an xml file for the matlab input, I receive the weird output: Both models are attached. I don't know how to resolve this error. Do you have any clue? Thank you. Blumi
  3. Thank you again, I posted the previous post before I saw your pictures. Now it works! Thank you
  4. Hello, I am trying to create a simple spring mass system. Therefore I'm using a baseplate, which I fix to the origin, a spring damper part and a mass on top. It's basically like in the sketch I added, just upside down. I am able to fix the baseplate and the spring to the baseplate. But if I try to animate the whole model, the mass just falls off. I used a translational joint to fix the mass to the spring. Thank you for your help!
  5. Hello Are there more tutorials for Co-Simulation of MATLAB/Simulink and MotionSolve available, than those which can be found in "Advanced Simulation"? Greetz, Blumi
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