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  1. Hi, could I send you another similar problem. The rigid wall can't find the contact, although I had defined one. That would help me a lot! Thanks, Erik
  2. Hi, thank you! Is it also possible to choose different "starting densities" for different components (or elements)? Best regards!
  3. Dear user and support, In topology optimization I give OptiStruct the initial density, is it possible to tell Optistruct it should start in the first Iteration with e.g. 80% of the initial value(density)? Similiar to 'MATINIT' only for density and. That would be very helpful. Thank you!
  4. Dear user and support, I calculated the ESL in Matlab. Now I want to do the following optimization: - objective: mass -> min. - constraint: acceleration Yet, I have imported the ESL as static loads, but how do I define the loadstep? As far as I know I need the time steps between the ESL as well to calculate the acceleration via finite differences. Thank you for your help!
  5. Dear all, I'm looking for a possibility to get an ACII-file for the stiffness matrix and for the displacement of a system in HyperCrash and HyperMesh(RADIOSS). In OptiStruct I use CONTROL CARDS -> GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST for getting a *.pch-file for the displacement and PARAM -> EXTOUT for the stiffness matrix. Thanks for your help!
  6. Dear all, the model/simulation is correct, but Prakash figured out that the problem is connected to the settings. Here the link on how to clear the settings: http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/13434-how-to-delete-settings-files/?hl=delete Thanks!
  7. Hi, where can I find this option in HyperCrash? Is there any possibility to get the nodal forces in an ASCII file? Thanks!
  8. Dear user and support, I made a simpel system in OptiStruct: A RWALL which has a certain velocity is moving towards a pipe. My problem is that the RWALL is moving through the Pipe and doesn't deform it. I checked the contact definitions, but I think there are no mistakes so far. What could cause this problem? I can provide the model if you want. Thank you very much!
  9. Hi Prakash Pagadala, which way would you recommend in general for setting up this optimization? Is my approach in principle right or did I miss something fundamental?
  10. Hi, there should be one body called "CAR" but no other.
  11. Hi, the rigid body has constraints, but not in x-direction (direction of the initial velocity). I did the set-up again, but unfortunately the new run didn't change anything. I sent you the file via dropbox. Thank you!
  12. Dear support and user, I have set-up a crash bumper in optistruct for a topology optimization. In the first case a rigid wall is moving towards this bumper (fixed). Everything is working really fine, but now I want to make the rigid wall fixed and the bumper should move. Fixing the rigid wall is no problem, but my crash bumper is not moving. I tried it in the following way: 1.) 1D -> rigids -> RBE2 (mass point which substitutes the "car") 2.) Analysis -> bodies (giving the RBE2 a mass etc.) 3.) Load Collector -> CARD = INVELB (giving the rigid body an initial velocity) But in the simulation the crash bumper is not moving. What did I do wrong? Or what is the best way to do this? Thank you for your help!
  13. Hi Prakash Pagadala, so is it possible to set up the crash bumper analysis (from the tutorial: http://training.altairuniversity.com/analysis/structural/nonlinear-dynamic-explicit/crash-bumper-analysis/) directly in OptiStruct? For example I can't find out, how to set up the interface properties for penalty contact definition such as self-impact, friction, node and segment deletion etc. Is there maybe a good tutorial which describes how to set up a crash analysis directly in hypermesh/optistruct? That would help a lot! Thank you.
  14. Hi Prakash Pagadala, it is an academic licence of hyperworks v12.
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