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  1. I dont understand from this code please write clearly I write equation then I dont know what I do
  2. no I can enter an equation at dequation but I cannot define response from function
  3. I dont know I need how to use dequation and dresp2 properties
  4. I would like to learn the usage of dequation and dresp2 I m using Optistruct 2019 can you share any document for this properties thank you for reply best regards
  5. @Rahul R, Can mathematical expressions defined by dequations be used as objective or constraint?
  6. Mr. @PrasannaK thank you for reply without hang on but I would like to connect each node on bottom plate (red) with all nodes on top plate (blue) by using rbe element (yellow) how to perform it?
  7. I want to create connect two surface with rbe element is there any pratical way ? how to perform it best regards thank you
  8. hi mr @Rahul R I need your suggestion on my model pls help me best regards
  9. this problem was solved in the topic I cannot solve this problem for vibration isolation best regards
  10. thank you for reply but I solved this problem as you said you can close this topic
  11. hi everyone, I have run my model but the software do not create .h3d file best regards hi moderators, r13.fem
  12. I have encountered this error ; *** ERROR # 2985 *** Dependent DOF 1 of GRID 87578 cannot be converted to an independent DOF with AUTOMSET for this rigid configuration. There are not enough constraint equations to reformulate it. If RBODY is used in the model, it is getting overconstraint in the model. By adding "DEBUG,REMOVRGD,1.", Optistruct would not create constraint on the dependend node of RBODY Is there a solution? Best Regards r2.fem
  13. there are between adhesive specimen and rigid mass, also there are between specimen and base plate.
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