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  1. I m using same material my friend we performed tensile test this material maybe it behave as hyperelastic material
  2. dear moderators, I would like to watch animation of the model while solutions are continuing as in LS DYNA how to do it ? best regard
  3. I m academic customer I use for PHD thesis
  4. I m using Optistruct 2019 however I could not find MATVE card when I looked at my Pc
  5. viscoelastic material in Optistruct 2019 ? how to use ? Mr Rahul
  6. in Abaqus, this material can be used with mebrane elements, hyperworks is vey strange
  7. shell or mebrane element is not suitable for this Material Model (MATHE) isnt it ?
  8. hi Mr Rahul this material model can be used for only PSOLID property cant it?
  9. dear Mr Rahul I still experince a problem in impoting of a table as csv can you help me?
  10. just have this feature? Is there any other way?
  11. hey moderators, I have built a new model in this model, top and bottom plate is composed from shell elements and these component is rigid. do I need to assign more material to these components? vibration_isolation1_rbe.fem
  12. hi Mr rajan I wonder, in new version of hyperworks how to use rigidbodies ? there are in my model
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