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  1. how to solve this problem
  2. I running force transmissibility therfore I requested this option but I obtained this error "No output results requested for Frequency Response, Transient Analysis or Random Response." no newrentran_force.fem
  3. I think a mistake was happened everyting was mixed I'm sorry, there are so many model files that they are all mixed up I the file I mentioned is attached its results are closer to experimental results I shared above but rigid mass dont 0.74 but 0.745 honeycombt.fem
  4. I compared tensile simulation and tests and good agreed no problem. the model you shared, is too different and never agreed with experimental results I would like to say that contact increase stiffness of the model I'm doing with rbe what you're doing with your contact algorithm I have shared experimental results and numerical results for you at ppt Whatever, thank you for all support I want to ask another question; in frf analysis, Can we see the behavior of the structure, for example displacement, at any frequency as a contour plot or how do we do it?
  5. thank you for all your all support but these numerical results no agreed to my experiments I obtained lower modal frequencies from the experiments Sunu1_(DurukanDilek's_conflicted_copy_2020-06-09).pptx
  6. ok, I will share a new model honeycom_displacement.fem @Adriano A. Koga I cannot define contact pls help
  7. @Adriano A. Koga I should take into account thickness both rigid plate and honeycomb, should not I?
  8. it is ok, I did what you said masses are ok, material tensile simuation were performed and compared tensile results are agreet to each other however when I use contact I could obtain close resuls and model with rbe elements is closer. honeycom_displacement.fem
  9. I can only share results private message If you want to see I will send
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