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  1. hello can you shell - solid connection with rbe element if you say yes how _?
  2. I think you use newer version of hypermesh than mine therefore I cannot see them
  3. a last question to you about shell thickness you know modelled top and bottom plate were modelled using shell how a shell thickness ofsett selection used in model also I opened edited file and saw nothing about rb
  4. My aim is to calculate Transmissibility FRF function and compare with experimental results
  5. actually I have 2 main problem in model shared as above firstly without defining contact and any dublicated node how to mesh the geometry and I have not able to convert to plate rigid body yet traditionalxx1x.fem
  6. in my problem without using contact how to mesh ?
  7. I checked but where only applied to hole on plate how to applying to my model rbe element
  8. hi I have a model to calculate frf for TPU materials between two metal plates I would you like to convert metal plate from deformable to rigid how to perform it?
  9. thank for all helpings from you; I looked into document sent by you now, I get data of storage modulus and loss factor of 3M ISD112 (for example) by origin copied to excel and saved as csv ms dos format here, how to import (because when import from unitiy menu/Table Create I get only x axis data)
  10. I cannot Understand only comment; WHAT IS TABLEDi 32 TABLED53 how to use them also, in help about direct FRF, it is said MATF1 can be used for direct FRF analysis but in comment 4, it can be used for only modal frf also I cannot make define csv files to Load Collector I created TABLED or TABLEM can you explain clearly and detaliled which table I must use and How to use I need more help pls this is very important for me?
  11. I would like to mesh these surface smoothy what is your suggestion ?
  12. thank you for all helpings for small problem importing of datas I need your skype or online support pls chat with me
  13. at 1000 Hz 232E5 for E (young Modulus) at 1000 Hz 2386233 for G (Shear Modulus) Freq Vs G.csv Freq Vs E.csv
  14. I work on frequency domain and I have not data on time domain when data on convert to any plot I cannot see any discontinuities on the other hand, I have only material datas for frequency dependent materials which you know
  15. Mr @RAHUL I have encountered TABLED1 entering error " Discontinuities are not allowed at TABLEM1 endpoints."
  16. Mr @RAHUL I have encountered TABLED1 entering error " Discontinuities are not allowed at TABLEM1 endpoints."
  17. I have new problem anymore discontinites appeared ERRORCODE 1127
  18. how to perform can you tell me
  19. OK, already there are 3 txt data (frequency vs E, frequency vs G and frequency vs ita(loss factor)) I dont understand
  20. MODEL file and datas were uploaded viscolater.fem G.txt ita.txt E.txt
  21. when I imported in txt, all rows and columns are zero when I imported in csv datas changed I do not understand and I do not know how to import actually datas in excel but I dont know what I should
  22. I would like to damping on aluminium plate vibration using frequency-dependent material MATF1 I use import TABLE recevied datas are zeroo how to import and realize the analyze
  23. hello admins I use materialss have frequency-dependent properties I would like to enter E, G, netar data as .txt but got error can you help me
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