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  1. then I dont need to dequation or dresp2 but it would be great! if I could what I deserved There must be a way!!!
  2. I want to know how to realize what I wrote above I have big work station no problem
  3. No Problem, just wondering if we can do this on optistruct @Adriano A. Koga can I do it?/How
  4. you said that I would create loadstep; the first one is modal frf and normal modes, ok? I receive this error Can amplitude be calculated for a spesific mode? for example, The amplitude obtained at 3 times the mode frequency should not be more than 9 m/s2
  5. at this time, I cannot sent rep I'm sorry I accesed daily limit I added my model file @Adriano A. Koga hibrid2_acceleration_contact_opt.rar
  6. I have two loadstep the first is normal modes and another one is direct frf Do you mean the equation on the graph? I added as a post before?
  7. then I have to use two load step, alright? look, the last question, can I define constraint for spesific amplitude, at a spesific frequency ? What kind of equation should I enter?
  8. thank you for your all supports I selected the solver as Modalfrf but I received an error as " it is not compitable for this loadstep the Modalfrf solver extracts both natural frequency and vibration amplitue, doesn't it?
  9. I want to obtain the second peak outside range of 10-100 Hz it must be higher than 120 Hz (f2>120) I've done I cannot this part anytime can you explain a bit more
  10. there is a analyticial equation. I'm not sure if it's useful
  11. No, I interest in range of 10-100 Hz. but I would like to obtain a transmissibility value in range of 0.02-01 at frequency band of 90-100 Hz . it is meaning that the efficiency of my vibration isolators will be range of %80-90 . Also I dont want to obtain second peak in 10-100 Hz Do you recommend that I use the optimization software in optistruct? it is meaning that you dont recommend I dont use hyperstudy OK?
  12. @Adriano A. Koga Can we define an angle as a design variable? in hyperstudy or optistruct thank you for quickly reply
  13. My frequency range is wide enough therfore I think I experince no problem.. I create a response (frfaccelerration) I select the thickness as the desvar how to perform this @Adriano A. Koga
  14. I know Dresp2 it is used when perform topology optimization
  15. I can already obtain this curve for my all model. no problem without optimization I want to improve this curve for example I want to obtain 0.1 (TR) at Hz 100 Hz is It possible? hibrid2_acceleration_contact.rar
  16. that is ok. I need conduct the FRF analysis. I agreed. as objective function, I want to optimizie the transmissibility curve which can be obtained from frf analysis of the model a curve can be obtained as figure In the analysis, I run a range of 10-100 Hz. For example, I aim to access 0.1 at 90 Hz by altering of t (thickness) or other parameters (in necessary) Is this possible? also I want to sent to you my model file, whose size is 90 Mb how to sent it
  17. I intent to optimize the thickness (t) for transmissibilty(a(out)/ain) where a is acceleration or displacement.
  18. yes, I made tie contact. experimental and numerical results agreed I got what I want.. the problem is optimization I have only one variable is thickness of specimen because I want to define the gap as a function as thickness I have a model file but its size is very large how to send to you
  19. no problem in this part, numerical and experimental results were agreed with each other. Look, I want to realize an optimization study and I want to use thickness (t) as a design variable do you understand me I would like to define the gap, between mass and specimen as a function of the specimen thickness (gap=t/2). how to define this parameter and this function or has hypermesh such as possibility ?
  20. @Adriano A. Koga you have done what you suggested contact instead of utilizing of rbe greetings (Much obliged!) but I modelled rigid mass as four solid elements (CHEXA) numerical results agreed with experimental results. I want to conduct an optimization study to optimize the thickness of the specimen when a contact algorithm was installed between rigid mass and the specimen, and I leave a gap by 0.5 mm ( this value is half of the specimen thickness). My problem begins here. Since I purpose to optimize the thickness, I want to define the gap value as a function of the thickness (for example, t/2) how to solve this problem best regards and thank you for replies
  21. how to solve this problem
  22. I running force transmissibility therfore I requested this option but I obtained this error "No output results requested for Frequency Response, Transient Analysis or Random Response." no newrentran_force.fem
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