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  1. Wow. Very nice. Thank u so much and sorry for stupid question...
  2. In Hyperview i can build plots, but can`t find how to create plot through node path. It is not interesting Time argument in static analisys, but i cant extract even node coordinates value for X axis on the graph.
  3. But, how to change legend after use Label Prefix in advanced plot options? Also how to change page name and (or) hide name without creating new and delete old page?
  4. Also u can try .OP2 output file. Just replace PARAM, POST, 0 in bdf file to PARAM,POST,-1.
  5. I think this is not issue of graphic card. I have same problem in HyperGraph 13 and already update drivers for video. If i start HyperWorks and switch to HyperGraph 2D, everything is ok and my card continue working, but if i start HyperGraph 2D standalone - screen is black. So, why in different cases HyperGraph sometimes work, sometimes not?
  6. In RADIOSS can solve any cyclic problem? Hm, i not find anything about that. Here is only problem to create 2 lists of nodes for 2 cards CYJOIN 1 and CYJOIN 2. Thats all. In text editor can add some cards (CYAX, LOADCYN and other...), but need this list of nodes. Hypermesh is powerfull for create different types of MPC connectors. Maybe it is exist way to make what i want.
  7. Is any idea, how to create MPC equations for cyclic symmetry in SOL 114 MSC Nastran? There must be exist 2 CYJOIN entry with ordered 2 lists of nodes to describe side 1 and side 2 of fundamental region. Maybe anybody do it?
  8. You make not like Patran mesh, more distorsion and a bit different. Yes skew a bit worse, but jacobian better. What factor of quality i must prefer?
  9. Maybe you are right, but after patran mesher it is a bit strange not see this functionality in Hypermesh. Patran have same mesher as hypermesh, more simple, but same - Paver mesh.
  10. I need take this topology of mesh, not only quality. And, i think in some cases, topology of mesh give us not only visual effect. It is very strange Hypermesh not have this algorithm... In Patran, in Femap i can create this mesh, why in Hypermesh can not? Yes in Hypermesh i can chose many mesh style (pentagon, triangle, circle...), but i can't choose this simple, very simple style. It is very nice if developers add this style in future versions of program. But, i think, nobody ask them about this.
  11. Hi for everyone. Hypermesh is powerfull solution, but i cant make iso-mesh same in Patran mesher. In this example 2 meshes imported to hypermesh. On the left side u can see result of Patran mesher, on the right - Hypermesh. There is no algorithm to create same mesh? Why developers can not add this nice feature to automesh panel? Maybe i just dont know how to create this mesh, but in Patran is very simple... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1e1Gu3J6ABcZG96RXBSeDhxWlE/edit?usp=sharing
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