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  1. Thanks a lot!! Im gonna try this out! And one more question: Do I have to use HyperView to see the force effects? Like, the results?
  2. Hello guys! This is my first time dealing with HyperMesh and Finite Element software, and Im kinda having a hard time using it. I'll be glad if any of you guys can help me out! Im building a Formula SAE Chassis and I need to check if there're any extra bars and also check if any of them will break and so on. I already learned how to do meshing on each bar, but now I dont know how to apply loads and start the 1D linear analisys for the beginning. I also found a Tutorial here but I do not have the samples to start the workshop... So...after having the chassis imported from solidworks and have all bars meshed, where should I start now? Thanks a lot!! PS: Already solved the problem with importing (from another topic).
  3. Thanks a lot!! Problem solved hehe. Its my first time with HyperMesh and dynamics software... Do u guys have a step by step tutorial on how using it? Im building a Formula SAE car. The chassis already built, now Im trying to check the Loads and Coinstraints to see which bar to remove or add. But dont know where to start...
  4. Hey guys, Im having troubles while importing sketches from SolidWorks 2014 to HyperMesh and Abaqus CAE. Is it possible to import a Solidworks 2014 sketch to a 2012 Hypermesh? Already tried IGS and SDLPRT. While in Abaqus CAE the file is opening with "parts" options, in Hypermesh isnt even importing. Though Im not being able to create any mesh or any of the avaiable options.in Abaqus Do you guys know what should I do? Im gonna have to remake my sketch in a 2012 or earlier version of SolidWorks to run in a 2012 Hypermesh Version? Thanks!!
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