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  1. I am trying to modify the suspension templates . Various User Defined output parameters depend on the construction of the model . Eg. Camber,Castor,Toe,Scrub etc.. So, I am unable to see the formulae being used by these user subroutines . For example - (Output- Wheel Vert Disp & Vert Force ) calls for sa_testrig_parameter_array . What is the location and content of such arrays ?
  2. Hi , I am unable to solve MotionView files using ADAMS Solver . As specified in the Tutorial I am following these steps . 1. Change solver mode to ADAMS . 2.Save and run current model . 3. says " you must have connected the ADAMS solver to the run button in the motionview interface through the preferences file" - this step is unclear . Please instruct on the same . 4. We are unable to select "Altair_Executable" for script . Please give our insight on this problem .
  3. Hi , I am a new user ot Motion View . I have to make a leaf spring solid axle half car model for Kimenatic & Compliance Analysis . There was no Leaf Spring template in the Assembly Wizard . Could you please let me know how to tackle this problem ? Regards, Satyaki
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